A day spent well

It was the end of December 2014 and my project was very hectic. The climate being gloomy in the US added to the frustration and stress. Me and my wife are fun lovers and the tough time seemed to be taking a toll on us a lot more. We just wanted to get out of the the house, far away from all we were experiencing, on a trip to freshen ourselves up. We had the habit of going on trips every few months. After checking a few options, we thought of spending our new year in Atlantic City, Ocean City and Cape May, though the weather on the entire East Coast was chilling. But when it comes to journeys wherein i get to drive, nobody can stop me. We set 3 days for our trip, spending the first 2 days in Atlantic City and Ocean City. We did a bit of gambling in Atlantic City on 31st December and enjoyed the fireworks mid-night in Ocean City.

However, it was the last day of our trip (2nd Jan 2015), when we enjoyed the most. It was sunny that day and we spent half-a-day in the Cape May Zoo. In the afternoon, we reached the Sunset Beach. A gentle breeze was blowing and it was such a picturesque view. We thought to ourselves that we couldn’t have spent time in a better way at a place where one can easily detach himself from the hustle-bustle of life. Since it was a Friday and we had the entire upcoming weekend to take rest, we were in no rush to head back home. While relaxing at the beach and looking at the Sun go down, we literally had nothing else going on in our minds. Me and wife talked about the little things that add pleasure to our lives – baking cake together, coming to home from work and unwinding in the company of each other; while all that may seem frivolous, it brings immense happiness. We walked down the memory lane by sharing our childhood stories. We laughed and soaked the freshness of the new year. It was a day filled with tranquility. It rejuvenated us. The entire experience with nature there gave us so much, to look forward to the positive aspects of life. Having spent 3 hours at the beach together we were so full of energy that when we think about it now, it energizes us again. I never thought, a day could bring so much positivity and cheer.

Here are a couple of pictures from that day:


The entire trip was so worth it that we have now made it a point to go on such outings every few weeks. This makes sure that we unwind ourselves from any materialistic baggage we are carrying and fill ourselves with hope and optimism. I recommend everybody to indulge in such activities every now and then. It definitely has a therapeutic effect.


25 thoughts on “A day spent well

  1. While the story is so cute and so are the pictures, what made me happy was you and your wife are such beautiful soulmates to enjoy time together and talk over mundane things 🙂

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  2. I agree there is nothing more rejuvenating than the company of the people you love. That is the time best spent, and that is what we earn. Wishing you and Saru many more monemts like these 🙂

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