In Singapore, do as the Singaporeans do – Eat

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I love traveling – exploring cities, admiring cultures, observing lifestyle and indulging in almost everything the natives do. Recently, I discovered a delicious side of Singapore. We all admire Singapore for its cosmopolitan appeal and cleanliness, but hold your breath when I say – it has hundreds of mouthwatering delicacies. It is a food heaven. So, while I was planning my trip to Singapore, I landed on some amazing vegetarian dishes. You see, being a vegetarian whenever I travel, I have a hard time finding food. Most of the times, pizza is the only option. But this doesn’t happen in Singapore. In fact, one is spoilt for choices there. After going through the sumptuous and tempting variety of food, these five are the ones I am looking forward to try –

Salad with a twist – Chinese Rojak

Chinese Rojak

It is essentially a salad which is made of cucumber, mango, bean sprouts, banana flower, turnip, ginger and my personal favorite, pineapple. There are many versions of it and more fruits are added to increase the taste. Salt, lemon juice and chillies are the seasonings but the main dressing is of crushed and roasted peanuts. I call it – salad with a twist as salty, tangy and sweet flavors are combined to give zing to your taste buds.

A better version than Paratha – Roti Prata


This light and fluffy dish can be best described as remix of paratha and butter naan. It looks tasty and fulfilling at the same time. I think I won’t have to search for any other main course item after having one or two of roti prata. I read that it is served best with a hot cup of beverage and that makes it a perfect breakfast option for me.

Yummilicious Noodles – Mee Goreng


I am a huge fan of chinese food and this dish is super tempting to me. Though this is not exactly Chinese but it has all the flavors a punjabi in me seeks – spice, color, aroma and taste. It is served with ketchup, just like the way we Indians like to eat. The array of vegetables in it makes sure that it has taste and nutrients in it.

Ice cream with a zing – Ice Kachang

Ice Kachang

Now who doesn’t like a bowl of ice cream? While I was searching for dessert, I found Ice Kachang and Faluda kulfi came to my mind. Though former is better as it has a variety of sweet syrups on ice with jelly, sweet corn, red beans and a layer of condensed milk. A perfect concoction of sweet and bland. Even the description is mouthwatering. This is best to beat the heat while exploring the city during the day.

Snack with a makeover – Goreng Pisang


Goreng Pisang is basically sweet banana fritters but these days it has been given a nice makeover. Now ice cream and other toppings like cinnamon and icing sugar is added to make this plain snack and whole meal in itself. Since I love eating both ice cream and banana chips, this one is on top of my list of foods I want to try in Singapore.

It is just a small list of things I loved from the many you get there. And if any of you is planning a trip to Singapore, do make a list of food to try, in addition to the normal itinerary. If you are a vegetarian, don’t pack food with you. Write these names and search from hundreds of vegetarian options available there and savor them. So, next time when you are in Singapore, do as they Singaporeans do and eat like Singaporeans eat.


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76 thoughts on “In Singapore, do as the Singaporeans do – Eat

      1. I used to have them when I was in U.S. in 2005 in Boston area. Have to check now as this post of mine reminded me again 😊

        Try Indian grocers and ask them about Malaysian paratha.

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  1. Alok, Nice of you to have picked up vegetarian fare. We almost feel like a forbidden lot whenever we travel abroad with our vegetarian preferences. These days being vegetarian seems to be a sin to many. Now we know what to eat when we are in Singapore.


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    1. Yes, absolutely. Sometimes we can’t even stay in small yet beautiful towns because they don’t even have Pizza outlets.
      And carrying our own stuff on long trips is difficult.

      Thank you for your inputs, Katie.

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  2. I really appreciate very useful information about eating while traveling away from home. Things have changed with globalization. You get vegetarian food almost everywhere. I was in Singapore in 1976 and there were very few choices for vegetarians.. I could find only one in Sarengoon street. It was there even in 1984 when I revisited Singapore. However, there was nothing in Jakarta and Bandung during those days, I have to live only with fruits and bread and butter/jam only. Well, we traveled to so many countries and managed with Pizza those days but now things have changed.
    thanks for sharing the information. look forward to have more..

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    1. Correct, we have come a long way and vegetarian food is available in almost every country now. We normally have pizza when we go out since we like it a lot, but few more options are also there like Chalupas, Burritos etc.

      Thank you so much for a generous comment and welcome here 😀


  3. Loved the fact that these are vegetarian dishes. I was expecting snakes & frogs :)) !! I agree with the comments here that being vegetarian is sometimes looked down upon by non-veggies and life is difficult for vegetarians in foreign countries when it comes to food.

    Thanks for this list Alok.

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    1. I am a pure vegetarian, so you won’t find surprises on the other side 😀

      With so much tourism these days things are changing, so it won’t be an issue to find Veggie stuff anywhere though options might still be limited.

      Thanks Mahesh.


  4. Oh sure … do what they do .. EAT the way they do.. nice post here… just noticed that you had liked one of my posts and I thought to drop by your blog. Its a nice read here… nd yes, besides these you should try beehoon soup, curry laksa -you can ask for vegetarian, nasi Lamak (omit the fried sprats), beehoon goreng, roti canai (pronounced chanaai), theh tharik (pronounced thé tharéh) its a diff take on your Indian chai, well sort of the same rather 😉 , and then since your a vegetarian i can’t recommend you my other favourites. Hope you enjoy your trip…

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    1. Thank you so much for these wonderful options…looks like you are well aware of Singapore and its cuisines.

      I hope to make use of your inputs here sometime 😀


  5. This is an informative post. I visited Singapore last year, and was staying in a hotel near Arab Street in Jalang Pinang. There were plenty of eateries there (most Halal restaurants there are run by Malaysian Tamils, I suppose) that served parota – which is essentially a flaky south-indian version of the paratha. They have a variant with egg too, which is yummy. We also found this super cute Indonesian restaurant just down the road, and had lovely breakfast at Artistry cafe, right next to our hotel, and Pie Face in Bugis. Ah, your post has opened the floodgates of Singapore food memories!

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    1. So glad to know you experiences from Singapore. I have not been there yet, but hope I can enjoy the delicacies there sometime. And I have heard it is a beautiful country too.

      Thanks for visiting 😊


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