Yo-Yo, Bro!

I am a movie buff and spend a lot of time on Netflix. Off late, I am inspired by Drug Trade and the language of people in this Business. This Humor is dedicated to them. Blame it on my imagination though…

Migo and Randel in a Bar in Texas:

Migo: What up, bro?

Randel: Good man, you really got me into blogging and all…am not in my senses no more

No, shit!

Ya, no shit!

Yo, man. Cool. What ya address?


C’mon man, no shit, ya writing those haikus on meth?

No man! Business dude…am making a hell lot of money! Blog just a cover up

Gimme a break

Hell, yeah. Betcha!

Migo: Cool. Ya heard from Suzy of late?

Randel: No man. Last time I checked she had gotten really sleazy man…you need to forget her man…she not ya type no more!

Suzy enters the Bar:

Suzy: Hey Rand. You wanna shake a leg?

Randel: Howdy lady, we talking important…ya know…man to man talk

Migo: What she doing here, man?

She helping me in business

Ya serious man, ya mentioned ya not in contact no more

Randel: Ya, by last time I meant yesterday, bro

Migo: Ya really not in senses no more, man. Shit man. Am leaving!

Migo leaves the Bar:

Suzy: Ya know, we can involve Migo…he a creative genius

Randel: What he gotta do with our business?

He can get traffic from Mexico on blog

He crazy, Sue…writes 10 posts daily on his blog…next thing we know fbi knocking our doors

I kinda guessed it from ya…I can get him to write only poems

What, poems on death?…ya wanna knock our business out?

I wanna knock ya off first, let’s go inside. Will ya?

The characters were kind enough not to use the f-word 😉

65 thoughts on “Yo-Yo, Bro!

    1. Seriously, i find it daunting to write one post in a week and never understood how some can write even one per day, unless they are not working full-time.

      I wanted to include this aspect on the lighter side 🙂


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