Hidden gem of New Jersey – Spring Lake

More often than not, i like going to Offbeat places. The reasons are many – they are beautiful, clean, less crowded and even cheap overall. With the Memorial day long weekend and approaching Summer, we decided to hit the beach. We have already covered most of US East Coast, so options are hard to find. But then, we hardly stay at home 🙂

With a bit of research, we found a beautiful place, an hour away from our place – the Borough of Spring Lake. The Borough of Belmar is famous for its beach, but many don’t know Spring Lake is more beautiful and is just a couple of minutes walk from Belmar, along the beach. One can actually park for free at the beach in Spring Lake and then just walk to the congested place of Belmar, where the parking is paid. We drove through both the Boroughs along the beach and spent good half-a-day just walking through the streets of Spring Lake.

spring lake-saru singhaljoggers - spring lakespring lake beachspring lakecycling streets - spring lakekids at spring lakelost in reading at spring lakefishing at spring lakealok singhal at spring lakebeach side - spring lake

It got a bit cold by around 8 pm, so we had to head back home. Since the summers are not in full swing yet, not many people were there to see around. But it was beautiful time spent.

sunset at spring lakedusk at spring lake

What i loved about Spring Lake:

1. Non commercial 2-mile free and quiet beach.

2. Even the borough itself is beautiful and less crowded.

3. If one likes long walks or cycling, park in Spring Lake and cover Belmar, Bradley and Asbury Park, all along the beach.

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