A Lighthouse with Spectacular Views – Barnegat

We had been waiting to visit Barnegat Lighthouse for quite some time. With the temperature in the 80s last Saturday, it was a perfect day to head out to the Beach. So, we go the opportunity to fulfill both our desires at a single place.

Barnegat Light is the northernmost community on the Long Beach Island (LBI) and derives its name from the Barnegat Lighthouse, which is one of the Jersey Shore’s most famous attractions. It is a quiet and relaxing shore town.

DSC00099  DSC00095

After reaching there, we were taken in for a pleasant surprise since along the Lighthouse, there is a long walkway (almost a mile) made of huge rocks, which provides for an amazing stroll along the bay. We could see boats coming and going from the bay, birds and sea life.

Before taking this long walk, we headed up on the Lighthouse, the ticket for which is priced reasonably at $3 for an adult. There are 217 steps that lead up to the light. Once at the top, the views were stunning. One can see wonderful views of the LBI, the Atlantic Ocean, Barnegat Bay, Barnegat Inlet and Island Beach State Park (see the long stripe at the top in the picture below).

view of island beach state park from barnegat light houseview from top of light house

The Island Beach State Park looks quite beautiful from the Lighthouse, but there is another way to reach there, that would take almost an hour from where we were. Since our day was reserved for the Barnegat Lighthouse, Beach and other surprising activities there, I will continue with our Barnegat experience with thoughts of writing more about Island Beach State Park when we actually visit it.

We spent a cool and breezy half-an-hour at the top of Lighthouse and hardly wanted to come down. But then we could see the pathway and beach in the distance, which were so inviting. So, we headed down and out and right away onto the mile-long stroll. It was a very relaxing walk since the rocks are huge and we could see many people fishing. At the end of it is the beach, which was gorgeous. We spent a very soothing time, amazed by the beauty of the place.

barnegat light house from some distancewaves hitting the shoreDSC00090barnegat beach

After coming back to the foot of the Lighthouse after a couple of hours, we also did a short 0.2 mile walk along a loop trail, which branches off near theDSC00098 visitor center, to see the birds and plants. It is a small piece of land, and is about the only forested area left on Long Beach Island. The forest is dominated by Black Cherry, Sassafras, Eastern Red Cedar, and American Holly.

Spring and fall migration are great times to see a variety of birds. The combination of conditions there provide for a rich natural habitat.

Having spent almost a day, we headed back home, but not before doing some shopping at the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets 🙂

86 thoughts on “A Lighthouse with Spectacular Views – Barnegat

    1. Actually, we have been to 2 lighthouses already, so you should be double jealous 🙂

      Jokes apart, hope you get to visit one soon…the views from the top are heavenly.


  1. Lovely vistas. I wouldn’t want to get down from a lighthouse that showed me all this.
    Btw, I also love that picture of the wave hitting the rock.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We too were reluctant to come down from the top, but it was pretty breezy up there.

      I had to go all the way in the ocean to get that pic of wave hitting the rocks in the end 🙂


      1. Ah a fellow New Jersey resident. My ex now lives down by LBI and scuba dives with a company there. At least the last I heard. Now that the kids are grown I don’t have to associate with him as much. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow – everything about this sounds amazing! The lighthouse, the views, the beach, the hiking trail… And what a great day for your visit, too.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’ve never even heard of the Barnegat Lighthouse, but I will certainly visit if I’m ever in the area. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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