Discovery to an Inviting House!

We like maintaining our house, no matter if there is any occasion or not. The normal chores include cleaning (with multi-surface cleaners) all the visible items every day; getting rid of trash from kitchen and washroom every day and vacuuming at least twice a week. If you visit our house, you can make out my wife and i are cleanliness freak. Still, there are smells that have troubled me from time to time – of used clothes, old papers and books in the cabinets, cooking just before the visits, and recently i have been fighting poop smell.

Let me explain about each:

1. Of used clothes – Since we can not wash clothes every day, sometimes the rack fills-up a bit and it starts smelling. We try to keep them away in a closet next to airy passage, so we don’t suffer from the smell of it; but there are times when a few days pass by and the clothes get stacked-up quite a bit. That’s when it can get nasty, if the environment is not so dry. During rainy days, it gets all the more troublesome when we bring wet clothes in and have to keep them for a few days. In such cases, to get rid of the smell, we use room fresheners. But it is a temporary solution and doesn’t last long.

2. Old papers and books – I have a habit of reading and have a cabinet half-full of papers from my association with Toastmasters and books which i studied during my FRM certification days. I just like to keep them for reference and as a memory. But then, i know some day i will have to get rid of them. Till then, i have to be at ease with the smell that they are exuding. I try to keep that cabinet closed at all times, because the lower section in that cabinet has our shoes. But when we open it up, sometimes there is a bit of smell which i feel some people would not be able to take. Again, i proudly say, we have room fresheners to our rescue.

3. Cooking just before the visits – There are times when we have to deep-fry and cook spicy things just before guests are about to turn up. Smells from such activities are difficult to put-away quickly no matter even if we open all the windows or our house along with turning-on the kitchen chimney. The result is, in summers, we have to ask the guests to bear with us for some time, before we can turn-on the AC; or in winters, it is the other way round. Since the smell is intense, even the fresheners don’t help much since we have to make sure the smoke also leaves the house.

4. Poop smell – Now, this is the latest discovery. What happens is i get up early and my wife is the opposite. We live in an Apartment, which doesn’t have the exhaust fan in the washroom, so we have to open up the window. When i go to toilet in the morning, i make sure the washroom is fresh for my wife when she wakes up later on, by keep the window open for some time. She tries to go when she gets up; but off-late, her system is asking her to go just before i am about to leave for the office. The result being i can not pee before leaving for work. Now, this is a big headache for me since i feel like relieving myself before leaving home. Air fresheners can hardly work in such instances and what if we have guests some day?

As you can make out, my problems are permanent but the solution is just temporary. I have been looking for a solution that can help me get rid of the odors and not just cover them up. That’s when i stumbled upon various options available from Ambi Pur. These are quite what i want, just so i don’t have to keep myself, my family and my guests from enjoying. Moreover, i feel, the freshness of Ambi Pur will spread-out positive energy and make our house inviting for guests.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur.

40 thoughts on “Discovery to an Inviting House!

  1. Wow. I think you would be overwhelmed in our small house of 5 people, a dog, and a budgie. Plus we had a big party last night and I made a garlic chicken recipe. Our house this morning could well be described as “ripe”. Good luck on your quest for a scent free home!

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    1. Hahaha, sometimes there is too much of a foul smell in the house and it is difficult to even breathe.

      I am sure this latest discovery will at least neutralize the effect.
      Thank you for coming by 😊


  2. Well your post is so realistic and exhaust fan in toilets apart from India is a luxury. I do some home remedies like placing water with vinegar to get rid of food smell (esply Indian cooking) before visits. For rest you have already said Ambi Pur is at our rescue. All the best for the contest 🙂

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  3. Hahahaa…. the last problem sounds funny the way you presented it with your subtle humor. In our house bad smells from wet clothes and shoes are real trouble during the monsoons. So thank you for the Post. Now we have a solution to our problem. 🙂

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  4. Alok, after reading your post, I got to know there is no problem – which is unique to someone. Sooner or later you do find people who face similar problem(s). I remember my Friend Ranjeet Pandey who is also a firm believer in cleanliness at home/workplace. (In fact that was the reason I used to be quite often to his room than to my other friends). He shared with me most of the things you mentioned in your post above like poop smells, used cloth smell etc. He told me – Room fresheners can control smell to certain level, but when it comes to kitchen – the kind of dishes we make in India (with lot of spices & deep fry cuisines) – it’s very hard to get rid of cooking smells. That is the reason why he deliberately mentioned on his Kiten door – “If you cannot bear the smell from kitchen, please wait outside…” I still remember that quote.

    Nice post. Enjoyed reading it. Very honest attempt of writing. All the best buddy.

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    1. We all like to be at clean places. In fact, one reason why people love west is because of their standard of living, which includes cleanliness.

      As you also mentioned, we like to be with clean people. You wouldn’t want to sit in a friend’s car if you have to sit on empty wrappers thrown by their kids on seats…I had to for a while!

      Thank you so much for a generous comment and adding your friend’s example.
      Much appreciated, Vishal.


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