Jaadu ki Jhappi

Dads are special, as are Moms!

I am sure many of us have wonderful memories with our Moms, because of the unique relation we share with her. However, there are contributions from our Dads too that many of us take for granted, especially men.

I am close to my Mom since I stayed with her in a different city as a kid, away from my Dad. They had their own jobs even before getting married and chose to stay that way for a few years after tying the knot, for financial reasons. However, my Dad used to visit us every weekend. He would travel 5-6 hours Friday evenings from Ambala to a place near Bathinda and would travel back Monday mornings. When I was in 6th grade, we shifted to Ambala. I also had a sister by then.

Here are some of the beautiful memories I share with my Dad:

1. My first Bicycle: I used to travel by bus when in school. As soon as I entered college, that option was not there. I have always loved bicycles…the way you can have a 360 degree view in the natural air, I feel is a great joy. I insisted on getting one from Dad for college and I was so elated to get the one I liked. Even though he was a Professor in the same college that I attended, I used to go on my cycle with friends and enjoyed the 10-kilometer journey every day.

2. A Car: No, I didn’t get that lucky, to get promoted from a cycle to a car! When I went away to join my first job in Bangalore, my Dad bought a car, feeling his family is growing up. When I flew from Bangalore to Delhi on my first vacation, I was overjoyed to see the car. The truth is, I have driven it more than my Dad. Even now, whenever I visit my hometown, the car is always at my disposal. Seems like it came for me and I also have some fond memories of escaping in it with my wife to hills a few years back.

3. Personal Tuition: My Dad was a Professor of Chemistry before retiring a couple of years back. He also used to take tuition’s at home. When i joined college in 11th grade, apart from sitting with other friends at home during sessions, i used to get personal attention also from my Dad. He used to make sure i have the latest books at my disposal. As a result of his efforts, i got good grades in Chemistry in 11th and 12th grades.

I owe many achievements to my Dad. His sound advice based on his years of experience has helped me overcome many difficulties. I might not be physically close to him, but his suggestions are never far.

I am hoping to see him soon, and a tight hug is definitely in the offing – a Jaadu ki Jhappi from a son to his father!

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at Vicks in association with BlogAdda

61 thoughts on “Jaadu ki Jhappi

  1. Such a lovely post! They say life comes a full circle when we start behaving like parents and treat our parents like kids. That’s the next phase I am in now after playing my role as their kid 🙂

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  2. What a beautifully-written tribute to fathers.

    I loved your description of riding a bicycle: “the way you can have a 360 degree view in the natural air” = so true! My first bike was a red two-wheeler with a saddle seat, and I rode that thing as much as I could. As you said, riding a bike is a joy.

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  3. Wow.. I could see emotions flowing thorough all the memories.. The ones of car and your first by cycle in particular made me smile. You have a wonderful dad and I’m so sure he’d be equally proud to have a son like you 🙂

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  4. It is always heartwarming to read such posts. Nothing can actually beat the feeling of cycling and no matter how rich we get, the beginnings always seem beautiful 🙂

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  5. How sweet… it is nice to acknowledge your success to parents, who deserve it more than ever because actually when we are young they have gone through difficulties due to us and never complained about it … we complain about stress now, it would have been a diffirent stress then for them… living away from spouse has its own challenges both for anyone, men and women…but ofcourse family is about doing things together, for eachother etc etc…but more than than some nice things to notice… thesedays kids ask scooter in college, and cycle in school, I am surprised you got cycle in college, but nice you enjoyed the cycle. The guidance point from Dad, it is good that he was great wise man to give you advises that helped you in life.. were all these young phases of life help in Delhi ?… I got to give it that Dads’ always worked very hard, protected the family and they are unsung heroes to a huge extent. Good day… Now most of us would ourselves have become or going to be Moms or Dads, lets try to be the best we could out of all the wisdom we got, acquired and all that…good luck.

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    1. I am from Ambala, and grew up over there. Parents indeed help us to the extent possible; sometimes we take it for granted.

      Thank you very much. Have a good weekend!


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