I am obsessed with Curves!

Curves drive me crazy. They can be found all around; thus, my excitement never comes down! I have experienced many of them and wouldn’t call myself bored of them just yet. In fact, each one provides its own unique visual delight and the need to experience them on my own can’t be described in words.

Sometimes they are just next to me, sometimes they look so out of reach. Gosh, the temptation would kill me some day! Moreover, the farthest they are, the more the desire to feel them. I guess, somebody on the other side would have similar thoughts on uncovering the ones close to me.

I feel amazed thinking about how the creator thought of them and I don’t mind travelling far if I get to sleep with the best of the lot. Whether I move fast over them or enjoy the pleasure of being slow, each has its own charm. You see, some are symmetric, while most of them have their own contours, giving each one of them a unique place in my fantasies. Even the same curve feels different on any other day, thus giving me a whole new sensation.

When it rains and the curves are wet, they look all the more alluring. Just imagine being at the top spot and that’s an experience of a lifetime! The hues around, the highs and lows visible clearly and their virgin beauty only adds to the thrill of being there.

There are days when the curves are dressed up in bright colors with a few parts distinctly visible. That is so sensuous, especially if one is experiencing the love of his life! I wish my hands can reach out and touch those spots!

Sharing with you all such curves I’ve experienced, which i can’t describe enough in words. They are from my trips to Mt Washington Auto Road, New Hampshire and Whiteface Veteran’s Memorial Highway, Whiteface Lake Placid:

DSC004211294311_770605213000749_1621831664940944414_olake placidveteran's memorial highway wilmingtonwhite face mountainDSC00373

179 thoughts on “I am obsessed with Curves!

  1. Beautiful photos and I can see why curves are so appealing. Curves are fantastic except on the hem of a garment I am sewing….that is just torture…lol. Great post! I bet now I will pay more than the usual attention to curves. Funny, how that happens.

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  2. curves break the monotony of straight lines, the body curves are beautiful too and every part of our body has curves, even the pinky finger can bend and make curve. Thank Almighty for the beautiful relaxing soothing curves and waves 🙂

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  3. From purely photography perspective, curves are the most interesting elements in the composition. A simple picture -without a strong subject, but with an element of curve or lines is quite potent!
    btw, watch out for “human curves” 😉
    often people end up in trouble!

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    1. Human curves are likable by both men and women. One can avoid troubles if you are admiring the curves that belong to you (and not of a stranger) 😛

      On the ones in the post, you’ve mentioned perfectly 🙂

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      1. rightly said …unfortunately people find little incentive to “admire” their own assets!! 😉 And did I forgot to mention about sense of adventure as well ? 🙂

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