TinyOwl – Food ordering at your fingertips!

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When I was in Noida working for Headstrong, my team used to go out for lunch on special occasions. As that area had quite many options, sometimes we used to be in a fix as to where to go. Another reason for long decision making was because different people had their own tastes. And, few of them had even been to places we were zeroing-in on and didn’t want to go again. Now, that was a mess as it would delay our outings that were supposed to become a lifetime memory for a few at least! We tried to plan well ahead in advance, but that also had issues as people wanted to delay it to the last minute.

We primarily relied on word-of-mouth recommendations and what we as a team preferred the most. All in all, it used to go just fine most of the times. However, i remember one incident when one of our new team members strongly recommended a restaurant to which his family were regular visitors for many years. He was giving a mouthwatering description of the dishes available there and most of us melted like butter on a parantha and were looking forward to go there. Come the D-day, being a foodie, I was especially charged up; but there was one delay after another as few of the folks were held up in meetings. It was way past my usual lunch time and finally, we went ahead around quarter to 3. We were all very hungry, but to our utter disappointment we found the place closed.

The colleague who had recommended us looked pretty sad and asked nearby shops if the restaurant had closed for good. Luckily, it was not! Finally, we ended up having Pizza at a nearby place. However, if there was an App that we could have used to make our experience worth remembering, I am sure we would have booked the restaurant beforehand and known its hours of operation. After sharing that nasty experience with other colleagues, one of them said that they hardly go out. Instead, they order the food online and get it delivered to the office! Now that would save us a lot on the travel time and also from the scorching heat! On talking further, he suggested an App that makes the whole experience of ordering one of its kind – TinyOwl.

IMG_3942          IMG_3786

I tried TinyOwl few days back and explored various options available in it. Placing an order is pretty easy! Just add the delivery location and it pulls up the restaurants nearby. As we have preferences for what we want to eat, the best would be to use the filter criteria available on top right hand side – one can use delivery time, min order or rating, which is what I prefer. Once we add the selected tags, we get the options of places available to order from.

IMG_3943          IMG_3944

Filters narrow down the search                                 I chose Slice of Italy from the results

Like I love Pizzas, so I chose Slice Of Italy and it showed that the restaurant was open and its minimum order on top of the screen (snapshot below), which helped me immensely. Various food categories were available on top, one can just scroll the screen from left to right or right to left to go through them. I choose ‘Pizza & Pasta’ and further ‘Veg Pizza’ sub-menu within it. I got various Pizza options from where I chose my favorite ‘Italia’s No 1 Pizza’ and then customized it. After adding it to my cart, a Cart icon at the bottom of screen showed the same. I then added Beverages and Dessert to complete my order.

IMG_3932          IMG_3933

I chose Pizza & Pasta -> Veg Pizza                             My favorite ‘Italia’s No 1 Pizza’

IMG_3934          IMG_3935

Customized my Pizza                                                 Partial Order at the bottom in Cart

Since I already had an account on TinyOwl, I made the payment using my credit card. As simple as that! Once the order was placed, I was able to track it all the way through till it was on the way to me!

IMG_3936          IMG_3946

Various Payment options                                            Dashboard to check Order Status 

IMG_3937         IMG_3940

I found the app really easy to operate. Dashboard is well organized. You can check your past orders, order status and offers like free meals. You can edit your phone number, add multiple address and save your payment details for future orders. And in case you ever face a problem, you can just contact TinyOwl and get it resolved. All in all, having food is just at your fingertips.

Sometimes, they also have offers. During Independence Day, they had an Offer which was shown upfront as you opened the App (as shown in 2nd snapshot above). If one refers friends, or earns cash back, they are added in the TinyOwl Money, which can be applied towards future Orders and the best is there is no restriction on the amount that can be applied…you can even get your meal free if you have enough of TinyOwl Money! I really liked when they sent me a notification asking me when did I get my Pizza.

What better can it get, so go ahead and Try TinyOwl on your Android and IOS devices!

57 thoughts on “TinyOwl – Food ordering at your fingertips!

  1. So back to India, or a memory from before… I wish there are good pizza restuarants… we got only Dominos and Pizza Hut and pretty boring pizza’s with horible crusts… so I hate pizza’s… though I can eat one with nice crust and all… only problem its good if you order in office from restuarants that give good food… but 2 years back I used to order things at home… like Mast Kalander, and other Chinese restuatant’s… all not so nice food… any now they have Freash Menu and many food delivery people… anyway

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  2. Technology definitely makes life easier if we put to use wisely.

    But I am not sure even such a good app will resolve the issue of ppl meandering around “where to eat” choices. Most of the folks want to go out and try new places to eat. I think they are also attached to ambiance factor that comes with it. Some just want to get away from work place. Given these, we still be wasting time finding a good place to eat and at the same time keep everyone happy. 🙂

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  3. Apps like this with many hue , color& purpose keeps coming ,,,Mobile platforms are now the most used applications more number of such things getting started ,,,,,very soon they are getting funds from investors…

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  4. I have never heard of this App. Thanks so much for recommending it. It was very helpful to see the screen and how you went about choosing. Isn’t it amazing how one decision about where to go to lunch can take so long? I often have the same issues with friends when we try to decide where to go. It sounds like this App would be great to have.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have never tried a food ordering app but I know a lot of our local restaurants are linked to one. Thank you for walking me through the stages. It’s a great resource especially if we are surprised by guests who want to stay for Dinner!

    Liked by 1 person

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