Jokes apart…

I have encountered some incidents in the past that gave me a good laugh. There is learning also in each of them, so they go with the title of my site too 🙂

Let’s delve into them:

1. Prelude: Some of us have a serious issue of not being attentive to others, even in one-to-one conversations. Blame most of it on the use of social media and our wandering thoughts, thus keeping us from being in the present.

Incident: I had a friend of mine from college who came to visit us after he had gotten married also. As soon as we took our seats and were done with basic conversations, we started talking about other friends from college that we were in touch with. He asked about a lady who studied with us and I said ‘She is expecting,’ to which my buddy suddenly replied ‘What is she expecting?’

What happened next? We had an amazing laugh 😀

I checked online too later if ‘she’ and ‘expecting’ can have a different meaning…no, it doesn’t!

Learning: We need to listen intently, especially in one-to-one conversations.

2. Prelude: Few firms like Domino’s and Amazon are planning to use drones for deliveries.

Incident: I was once at an airport in India waiting for my flight. I had these 2 young people from either sex sitting next to me. I think the dude was really trying to impress the lady, so he was being funny every time. They started talking about the concept of Drone that Domino’s was planning to try out for deliveries. The guy immediately exclaimed, “India mein ye system kaam nahin karega. Bachchon ne patthar maar maar ke hi gira dena hai use (in India this system will not work as kids will bring down the drone by pelting stones at it).”

Hahaha…I couldn’t control my laugh!

Learning: One can actually impress a lady by being funny, since he was able to impress a hard nut like me 🙂

3. Prelude: Blogging is not a pass time and it is not just about earning money!

Incident: Sometime back a young lady asked my wife, “aaj-kal blogging me kis cheez ki demand hai? (what is in demand in blogging these days?).”

A related incident is when I heard somebody say to her, “haan kuch to karoge hi ghar baith kar (you ought to do something while sitting at home).”

Well, I can only feel pity on such people because they make writing seem so easy. My response -Try getting a decent reach and readership and then we’ll talk!

Learning: One cannot become famous overnight. It requires hard-work, dedication, persistence, commitment and many other factors. Every famous person we see around went through the same phase!

Let me know which one is your favorite and any inputs are appreciated.

153 thoughts on “Jokes apart…

  1. Alok, really enjoyed this one. My favourite was the one featuring drones. While I wouldn’t condone that kind of destructive behaviour, in this case the kids might be doing many a worker a favour as drones will replace human jobs. It was funny but raises some serious questions too

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    1. That’s a great point you have brought up…yes, jobs will be an issue and many people working in such areas are not well off financially.
      Hopefully, things will not be automated fully.


  2. Hahha..!! I totally enjoyed this one.. was a bit different..!! And people around us, they go can to any extent in order to believe their pre-conceived notions..!! Specially when it comes to writing.
    Kuch na kuch to karte rehna chahiye, is what I hear most of the times!! 😛


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  3. Ha haa… 😀 Thoroughly enjoyed reading the first two! No words to praise the smart guy at the airport 😀

    They say, the one who sees funny things in non-funny/annoying situations, wins! Every blogger might have faced similar questions, especially those who are staying at home taking blogging as their profession… Yes, we can only feel pity for such people 🙂

    And hey, thanks a lot for your support for my posts even though I am regularly irregular 🙂 It means a lot! TC, keep smiling 🙂

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  4. I really enjoyed reading this Alok, especially the one with blogging. I think building readership is easy, maintaining it is the hard part like When the busy schedule of life comes in etc etc. It’snot always easy to keep your blog updated , sometimes life gets the best of you. And definitely writing is way harder than it seems.

    This was a great read! Two thumbs up for this 😉

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  5. Interesting stories, all! The human brain is wired such that at every step there are infiniote possibilities. Though one may “expect” that a woman “expecting” would have a common meaning for all, your friend apparently either had another interpretation, or, like you say, was not fully attentive. Either ways, every moment has possibilities.

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  6. That’s a nice post Alok. Some interesting incidents there :).

    Especially can associate with point 1 and 3. I myself have a habit of constantly looking at my phone – twitter feed / whatsapp etc. etc. sometimes even in between a conversation :P.

    And blogging is considered as a piece of cake by many even today. Ironically, that’s generally an understatement!

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    1. Aseem, I can relate to both of your points.

      I am sort of addicted to my phone as well, but not in office – I didn’t take data plan intentionally!

      On blogging – unless somebody does something on their own, they won’t normally appreciate the effort behind it!

      Thank you for adding your personal experience.


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