Adventures galore at Seaside Heights!

Seaside Heights is a popular destination located in the Ocean County of New Jersey, primarily because along with the Beach it also has an amusement-oriented Boardwalk, which is one of the busiest at the Shore. The community is also the location of popular MTV Show Jersey Shore.

As I am very fond of beaches and have already covered more than 10 of them this year (some had lighthouses too), i couldn’t have left this one out. So, with much excitement, we left one Sunday afternoon for Manasquan, which is on the way to Seaside Heights. We spent a bit of time on a beach in Manasquan. The place was not crowded at all, maybe because there is too much to do just a few miles away at Seaside Heights. However, calmness has its own beauty and we saw people enjoying their afternoon playing sports at the beach, including kite flying 🙂

monasquan new jerseywalking running at beachjersey shore

As we reached Seaside Heights, the hustle-bustle there spoke about its popularity. Saru was happy to see numerous amusement options at the Casino Pier. First, we took the Sky Ride, that took us high above the beach and boardwalk. The cool breeze from the ocean, and great views of the Atlantic Ocean, Barnegat Bay, Seaside Height’s Beach and Boardwalk took our breath away!

sky ride amusement seaside heightsview of ocean from heightboardwalk seaside heights

We then walked on the Boardwalk from the end where the sky ride dropped us to the other, where plenty of rides are located. This time I skipped the other adventure activities there, having done the same at Jenkinson’s boardwalk at Point Pleasant last year. However, Saru was thrilled just by seeing them and experienced Super Storm. The ride swings like a pendulum and also spins around its circle. The greatest thrill is when it turns you upside down, making a 360 degree revolution. Well, some people might feel nauseated after it, and that’s what happened to Saru…so that was it for the day. But we spent a splendid time there enjoying seeing others take other rides.

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72 thoughts on “Adventures galore at Seaside Heights!

      1. They sure are scary which adds to the fun! Every time I get on a ride, I’ll be so scared…and I’ll be using all sort of cuss words and shouting…God save me save me save me….still I go. :D.

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  1. Looks like a fun place!
    I’m quite intrigued by row of buildings in 2nd and 3rd picture! Are these houses facing the sea shore? or are these some sort of commercial establishment?

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  2. Beautiful pix and description! You could have been a travelogue writer, Alok! You are able to paint the most mundane location to the most exotic and the pix do their best to help you! 😀

    BTW, where’s the much awaited Australian details?

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  3. One of my passions is travelling and a travel guide just like your post is any day of great help to me. Thanks for introducing me to this lovely beach. The photographs are highly inspired showcasing the soothing beachside and the activities there.

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      1. I am married, but no kids yet. My wife is a writer, i actually got inspired from her. You can check her out at
        Check Milestones link on her page, you will see how old she is in writing 🙂


  4. Seeing most of your posts regularly, I totally vouch for the fact that you are truly a beach bum :D. The pics are awesome as always 🙂


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