Sunrise at Surfers Paradise

I got up early on our 2nd day at Gold Coast as i wanted to capture my first Sunrise and what better place than at the coast! As i looked out the balcony, a stunning Sunrise was awaiting me.


Well, the adventurer and enthusiast in me couldn’t hold itself, so i ventured out to the Surfers Paradise beach with my lens. Surprisingly, there were too many people that time of the hour, mostly for watching the Sunrise. Some were also having a good time cuddling up with their loved ones 🙂


I was very excited to witness the Sunrise at Gold Coast, for i was at the perfect place to do so. If you ever wish to visit Gold Coast, plan for 2018 as they would be hosting the XXI Commonwealth Games.

I had to head back to the hotel quickly as we were slotted for walking atop the SkyPoint climb in its first batch at 7AM.

113 thoughts on “Sunrise at Surfers Paradise

  1. Apart from the colorful dawn, I’m deeply contemplating on who’re those enthusiastic big hearts- “Some were also having a good time cuddling up with their loved ones”….. I mean waking up in such ghostly hour just to… ahem 😛

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