Our obsession with celebrities!

red carpet celebritySome of us are extremely obsessed with celebrities. I have a lady connected with me on FB, who is an ardent fan of Aishwarya Rai. Even if Mrs Rai were to burp and post a pic of the same, I am sure she would definitely ‘like’ it! What irritates me is that she doesn’t have time to reply to the Birthday Wishes she gets from her friends every year (she just ‘likes’ them), in spite of spending so much time on Social Media.

The other day it was Hrithik Roshan’s birthday and someone in my twitter feed had tagged him and posted ‘ Love you so much, Hrithik. Stay blessed!’ While Mr Roshan was busy buying Rolls Royce for himself! Again, I have hardly seen her checking my updates and commenting on them and I am sure I am not in her ‘avoid’ list. Yes, I am not a celebrity…so that makes for a point. But then commenting on celebrities’ pictures? Don’t we know it is not the personality him/herself who is posting those updates…it is their PR firms? Do we think Narendra Modi has time to be on twitter and facebook every few minutes? He couldn’t have travelled the world, if he did! So, essentially, nobody cares about those statuses that some of us keep flooding celebrities’ timelines with.

In the recent verdict of Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case, the entire nation had opinions. If he would have been convicted, I can say with confidence some foolish people would have definitely committed suicide…we have seen that in the past! Ask yourself, would it have mattered to him? No, he wouldn’t even have known or cared about it!

This begs the question, why are we so obsessed with them?

My analysis says because they are famous personalities and somehow we want to be associated with them – even if through a ‘like’ that can become a topic of discussion with our friends. The fact that we have never (or hardly) met the personality also plays a role since we consider them as way above us, akin to God. In other words, if you were to start living with Aishwarya, you would consider her as just another person, in spite of her same accomplishments.

I would close by saying be close to your friends and family first; you never know someone might actually become a celebrity one day! Here’s a quote I came up with few years back:

If you are a celebrity, people would follow you blindly. Till then, you have to do the hard work.

*Picture is sourced from google, without any specific source

122 thoughts on “Our obsession with celebrities!

  1. Super post Alok. Perhaps our obsession with celebrities stems from a vicarious desire to live life like them. And since we cannot put in the effort (we won’t even try), we would rather behave like you mentioned in the post.

    P.S. I am hugely obsessed with a celebrity – M.S. Dhoni 🙂

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  2. There’s a reason they’re called celebrities. It’s because the media and the common man made them so. 🙂 How much of our time we invest on them, well, that’s open to debate. Then again, I’ve stopped expecting anything of anyone, even on social media, so celebrity obsession doesn’t bother me anymore. I suppose our current situation in life goes a long way in determining our happiness. For some people, it’s celebrities. They will outgrow it, at some point, I am guessing.

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    1. They have to outgrow, else it will only add to their frustration! You can never be happy if you expect too much from anybody (if celebrities are your source of happiness)!

      Thank you for this beautiful comment 🙂


  3. What a hilarious yet insightful take on fans’ ever growing obsession with celebrities. Earlier it was only about dropping several messages to these stars, thanks to social media. But now
    many of these fans have started bullying people who express criticism over their favorite star’s performance and the like.

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  4. Hi Alok, am new here. Interesting post. I think about this often and I feel social media has intensified the obsession. As we constantly see FB updates, posts, pictures and tweets, we feel like we are almost having a conversation with them (though its mostly in our head) and yes we almost want to comment back to their post and feel proud that we had a quick personal chat with a star when in reality like you mentioned its probably a chit chat with the PR team. 😀

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  5. Nice post. But thats how the world is. There are lot of irritating and unexplained things out there which are beyond our control. Afterall isnt it a person’s own choice to do such things? You may not like a celebrity that much but others can. Not everybody is equal. I understand your thought though.

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  6. I can totally understand teenagers being obsessed with celebrities. I mean they are teenagers after all. everyone goes through that phase. What baffles me is grown ups being obsessed with celebrities… I mean, it is one thing to like/ adore an actor/ actress and a completely different thing to be obsessed by them 😀 Loved your post 🙂

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  7. I never knew what’s the whole deal about. They are just people…. True celebrities are among ‘every day people’ and people like Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, etc. that have made this world a better place.


  8. Obsession no but enjoy ytheir performances immensely. Sachin for example I’d never never like to miss his batting. I like war heroes too Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw being one of the few.
    Nice post Alok.


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