Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

After covering Melbourne and Gold Coast, our final destination in Australia was Sydney! We had booked Castlereagh Boutique Hotel there and were very impressed with our choice – I would give it 4 out of 5.

Since we had half-a-day with us after landing, we ventured out to see the historic Queen Victoria Building (QVB), which was right behind the hotel. It was designed by George McRao in Romanesque Revival style and was opened to the public in late 19th century.

QVB is famous for its mighty centre dome, consisting of an inner glass dome and an exterior copper – sheathed dome.


Many expensive brands occupy a place in there, and the structure provides for a visual treat, especially on the inside.


The impressive Architecture and Glorious stained glass windows run throughout the building and an original 19th century staircase sits alongside the dome.


It is also famous for its huge clocks, which are a marvel in themselves. Here are The Great Australian and Royal Clocks!


It might come as a surprise, but Australia is very expensive – even US looks much cheaper. Just for comparison, a Revlon nail polish which one can get for 7USD was worth 21AUD there and the Exchange Rate is 1.4AUD/USD. Do the math!

Anyway, we love window shopping and had plenty of time for that at the QVB 🙂

After a couple of hours there, we ventured out to see the Town Hall, which is just across the street. It is renowned for its high Victorian interiors and rich decroation and is the largest and most ornate late 19th century building in Australia.


107 thoughts on “Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

  1. This is an amzing heritage structure and so also the Tower. The QVB has been so beautifully renovated from inside to merge the new age with the old. It’s so nice to see heritage being preserved and maintained so well. Hurts to see so many wonderful historical structures in ruins at many places in my part of the world. Thanks sharing these marvelous pics Alok, as always enjoy them 😄

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  2. Would love to promote my Book : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara in this hotel building . Let me sell a few more copies to the Indian readers including you & your followers 🙂 Great post indeed .

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  3. Beautiful shots of the QVB, Alok. It is such a magnificent place, inside and outside. The stained windows are marvelous, beautiful capture. You are right in that Australia is an expensive country. Makeup is certainly expensive here. Window shopping was certainly wise 😀 I notice the Town Hall there looks very similar to the one here in the city of Melbourne. Similar colour and architecture 🙂

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  4. ‘Stained glass windows’ you called them? They are beautiful. What lovely artwork!
    You sure do know the rates of Nail polish. I like that 🙂
    The last pic must be the ceiling of town hall. Love that too.

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  5. Wow!!! Huge and amazing! Loved the stained glass frame the most! 🙂
    Guess Queen Victoria decided to name all cool buildings on her name. Be it the Victoria Terminals of Mumbai or this..

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