Day after Engagement

We have happy memories, we all have. What makes them special are the funny, naughty, or just peculiar moments we shared with our loved ones back then.

I was towards the end of my full-time MBA programme (from Kolkata) when I met Saru online and things worked out in favor of our relationship. Being from the same city – Ambala, in North India – it was easy for me to meet her whenever I visited my hometown…she was running her online business from home, and even her CS practice for which she used to go to Delhi sometimes.

The day after we got engaged, the weather was just perfect for a romantic escape in the hills of Himachal. I called up Saru in the morning, did some nice talking, and asked her to come out of the house and have a look at the weather. As soon as she came out, I was there with a big smile on my face…she was utterly surprised to see me 🙂

We both have always been adventurous and love the mountains. Within minutes, we decided to escape to the mesmerizing beauty of Kasauli, and further up to Barog, a small hill station in Solan district in Himachal. We packed a few items to eat, and started on our romantic day-long journey (I always have my Dad’s car at my disposal when I am home). Before leaving, I called up my Mom, and told her we are leaving for Chandigarh on a day trip, as she would have never approved of me driving so up in the hills.

Almost a couple of hours into our drive, seems the Gods wanted to join us in our naughtiness, and it started raining heavily when we crossed Panchkula towards Kalka (that’s where the hilly area starts). As soon as the rain lightened up on our way up, we stopped at many places to enjoy the scenic beauty and clicked many pictures too!

Kasauli (9)Kasauli (15)We spent a few hours in the lap of nature, just enjoying our togetherness. The traffic was not much, and it felt the roads were empty for us. Once we were close to Barog, we parked aside and ate in the car, with the downpour giving music to the ears.

Kasauli (20)Kasauli (17)Kasauli (24)

In the evening as we were coming back, my Dad called up as he wanted the car for his work, so I had to really rush to reach back home on time.

After coming back, I posted some pictures from our trip on Orkut. It was when my mom’s friend called her in the night and told that Saru and I are looking awesome together, that our entire escape came open. Everybody laughed as I was daring enough to take her to Barog and drive like Schumacher to reach home in time, but not wise enough to post it on social media. We still laugh at the naivety of this entire incidence.

P.S. I took all precautions to not be crazy at the expense of our or others’ safety.

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159 thoughts on “Day after Engagement

      1. I was wondering if she can help out in stay in Manali – if it is safe for solo women. Preferably hostel/stays with more people 🙂 I can connect offline on this.


      2. Hmm. Though she would really like to help, but won’t know about Manali – she is from a place near Anandpur sahib. We also went to Manali as a tourist on honeymoon and stayed at Piccadilly.

        Himachal is very big, you don’t get to know the place well unless you or somebody close stays there. Sorry about that.


  1. Aw this is super cute! I can imagine her joy on seeing you outside the door unannounced.
    Haha well, I laughed too when I realized that it was a ninja trip and you decided to post the pics on Orkut.
    This is such a romantic account. Good luck for the contest btw.

    Ohh Orkut! Man! I miss that thing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL! I can imagine the call of your dad asking, “Where are you? And where’s my car?”
    You both make such a lovely couple:) It shows in your eyes and smiles full of joy.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. haha that’s so cute Alok… You both are beaming with happiness and love… Only one word comes to my mind looking at your pictures and words, CUTE! Cograts to you both, belated! haha 🙂
    Bless you both.

    Liked by 1 person

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