The beauty of Darling Harbour

Let me state it at the outset – It is a sheer delight to spend time at the Darling Harbour in Sydney. It is such a beautiful and happening place and being right in the middle of the city makes it only more convenient…much like Times Square in New York!

We went a couple of times to the Harbour since one can cover many famous attractions in Sydney (including Circular Quay, Fort Denison, Manly Beach, Opera House and Taronga Zoo) by taking a ferry from the Darling Harbour – that’s what we did.

After covering QVB and Town Hall on our 1st day, we spent our evening at the Harbour – just strolling, taking in the views, enjoying the shopping centre alongside, and even talking walks on the Pyrmont Bridge.


Before heading back to the hotel, we took a 2-day pass of the ferry so we could cover other attractions starting next day morning. The ferries are normally hop-on hop-off, so you can do sightseeing leisurely. Look out for the packages from various agencies, some club tickets to the zoo along with the ferry fare.

120 thoughts on “The beauty of Darling Harbour

      1. I agree. Just yesterday when a friend littered the street, I asked him why and he replied that he is paying Swachh Bharat cess and so has the right to litter. 😀
        Nowadays I am amused with the excuses & reasoning.

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