Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

One of the best times we’ve had in Australia was at the Circular Quay in Sydney, that has Harbour Bridge and Opera House on either side.

As mentioned in the last post on Darling Harbour, we took ferries a couple of times to cover the main attractions in Sydney. That allowed us to capture the day and night views of the area, which I now feel is a must. The relative calmness of the morning, hustle-bustle of late afternoon, picturesque views of the twilight leading up to the nightlife all provide for pretty unique experiences.


We didn’t go inside the Opera House, a UNESCO world heritage site. However, that won’t be bad provided you are ready to pay a hefty AUD 37 for a one-hour guided tour!


Here are views of the Circular Quay and Harbour Bridge from the Opera House. We spent a couple of hours just admiring these sights!


In my experience, one of the best ways to feel the city is to walk around. And we do precisely that! Just for numbers, we walked an average of 16,000 steps per day over one week we spent in Australia – normally I target 5,000 per day!

139 thoughts on “Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

  1. I love the Sydney Harbour Bridge area. I was sent to work in the Sydney office in 2005 for 2 months, and I remember spending time at the harbour almost every Sunday to people-watch, eat and drink coffee at the cafes, chill out at the parks nearby, watch a foreign film at the nearest cinema – it was the best of Sydney for me 🙂 Great photos!

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