Taronga Zoo in Sydney

Our last stop in Sydney was the Tarongo Zoo. It is highly rated, and rightly so.


We reached there through the ferry we took a couple of times (over 2 days) from the Circular Quay. Our tickets were part of a package that included the ferry fare, so always watch out for such economic ways to see attractions. I would suggest checking with the Visitor Center first; normally they also have fliers there. We also keep an eye out at the promotional material kept at the receptions of hotels.

On reaching the zoo, we took the gandola ride to the other side of the zoo (included in the ticket price), which is the main entrance.DSC02015DSC02042DSC02064

Since it was the only attraction we wanted to cover the entire day, we took our own time and spent more than half-a-day just strolling around and covering all the sections.DSC02018DSC02024DSC02036DSC02002DSC01980

My favorite moment was that of seeing this cute Koala. It seemed too shy and was just lazying around!DSC01977DSC01974DSC01989DSC01996

Though we have been to many zoo’s across countries, I found this one to  be quite relaxing as it is properly laid-out. The last one for us was the seal show.

Later in the afternoon, we took the ferry back to the Quay and reached our hotel. Since Saru had won the trip to and from Melbourne, we flew to Melbourne that night and spent the night at the airport for our flight back to New Delhi in the morning (you see, we saved some bucks by spending a few hours at the airport itself).

That completes our trip to Australia. Hope you enjoyed the various popular attractions (from Melbourne to Gold Coast to Sydney) that I wrote about, though these are not the only ones we covered.

It’s time to move on from Australia back to the U.S. for other journeys we have covered since then.

86 thoughts on “Taronga Zoo in Sydney

  1. Zoos disturb me nowadays. I don’t think we have the right to cage these animals just for our viewing pleasure. This is expressing our love for animals in a wrong way.

    Zoos should become safaris where animals are let in their natural surroundings and we go around in caged vehicles.

    Destination Infinity

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  2. This is one of my favorite zoos in the world, and gives a wonderful demonstration of the many native Australian animals that are often difficult for everyone to see. I love the boat ride too. It’s great that you allowed enough time here, Alok — and thanks so much for the photos.

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  3. Although it is nice to see animals from another country etc. I must say I am totally against zoos for animals that can survive out in the while and not animals taken from the wild. This of course is acceptable if an animal has no chance of going back to the wild because of life sustaining injuries. Be well my friend

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    1. I like your point. They should be in their natural surroundings, but then humans will finish them…so not sure what is best for them (one way is to have very tough laws on hunting, like in the west).

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  4. Loved the pictures Alok… I visited Fossil Rim in Dallas and saw giraffes and zebras as well as a Tiger but never saw elephant. Hope you had a wonderful time there. And where do you live in the US?

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  5. Excellent photographs, Alok. The animals sure look busy in a few. I used to love zoos as child and actually, enjoy those visits now. But we don’t have natural enclosures for them – we somehow end up robbing them of their inherent tendencies by capturing them. Feel guilty on my visits hence have started avoiding.

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    1. I thought about this and replied on an earlier comment too – they are not as free in the wild as they used to be…they have constant threat from humans. So, it is really difficult to tell what is better for them!

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  6. Wow! I believe we too experienced the zoo trip with the post, so well stated and depicted with the pictures. I loved the serenity it has to offer, must have been peaceful there! A detailed and exciting post.

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    Best Regards

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