What to see in San Francisco?

San Francisco has much more than just the Golden Gate and its awesome beaches. Let me cover a few of them here, and a few more would need another write-up.

Crissy Field: It was an Army airfield earlier, which is just a national recreational area now. It is just next to the Fort Point and Golden Gate and provides you with great views of the coast (that’s the Alcatraz Island in the first pic below, overlooking the crissy field).


Alcatraz Island: Home to the (in)famous prison, this is a must-see for those who love history. However, you would need to set aside half-a-day for it.

Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, and Ghiradelli Square: One can have a nice stroll through the area, shop, eat, and even see Sea Lions at the wharf. Don’t forget to try the scrumptious Ghiradelli Chocolate, since you would be at the place of their original Headquarters.


Painted Ladies: A term used for Victorian and Edwardian houses and buildings painted in three or more colors that add to their architectural beauty. Here’s a shot from Alamo Square Park.


Twin peaks: One can get quite spectacular views of San Francisco from up there. I would suggest spending the twilight time there, stretching into the dark. It was quite misty that day, so I could not take the night-time views. But an evening spent there is still a good memory for us.


65 thoughts on “What to see in San Francisco?

      1. read..and commented! Thanks for commenting here…I almost missed your post as I was quite busy for last few days! Your comment helped me … 🙂

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  1. Lovely pics. Just a little away from the hustle and bustle lie these wonderful places. I have visited Ghiradelli Square but missed the others just a short distance away 🙂

    You always pick out great places 🙂


  2. Beautiful walk around San Franciso, Alok. Alcatraz Island looks like a very mysterious place from a distance away. Maybe one day you will return and get to see it again. Ghiradelli chocolate! That stuff is delicious and I hope you actually tried and bought some. Once I had someone make Ghiradelli brownies for me. It was very rich but tasted out of this world 😀


  3. the second picture with tiny boat and hazy horizons is just perfect. Beautiful city. The houses in the raw I wonder how they would look from the air… Wonderful captures Alok.


  4. Gorgeous pictures! I’d love to spend an evening or two at the twin pics, taking in some of the gorgeousness that is San Francisco!


  5. Wonderful introduction and incredible photos ~ I love this city. Most happy to see my favorite place since I was a kid covered: Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, and Ghiradelli Square. Even today when I visit, and I know this area so well…I must return to it. And these days with a cell phone camera it is even nicer because I can take a photo of the Ghiradelli chocolate sundae I am enjoying and send it back to my family in Oregon 🙂 Of course, after they see the photo, I always have to make sure to bring them back a back of chocolates too.

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    1. Hahaha…
      Whenever I go to India, I make sure I take chocolates from the US…they love it back home 🙂

      Memories stay with us forever…I can imagine your thoughts!


  6. Lovely captures. Have not yet been to SFO but my hubby has and the one thing that I found fascinating there was the criss cross streets to the top of the hill. I forget the name that he had told me – quite unusual

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  7. I spent a couple of days in SF, about 18 years ago! But the memories of the morning spent near the Golden Gate bridge and all that mist, and the beautiful winding streets of the city are still fresh. A lovely city, indeed! Great pictures, Alok!

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  8. I loved that pic with houses in a row!! ❤
    Have read so much about Alcatraz it is weird to see that place so close to such an peaceful looking area.

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