What more to see in San Francisco?

Taking my last post further, there are still places you can cover in San Francisco without spending much time on any of them.

Lombard street: It is a steep one block section of the road with eight hairpin turns. I would suggest walking around it first using the paved path just to get a feel of the thrill while experiencing spectacular views, and then driving on it (it is one way, going downhill).


Union Square: It is the downtown area (a historical landmark) famous for upscale shops, hotels, theaters, and much more. It is also the place where you will get the ‘must-experience’ cable car.

Powell-Hyde Cable Car: A historic symbol, it offers a way to experience the city in an open car. It is manually operated and offers great views while going up or down through the steep roads. We were especially amazed with the way they turn the car around at either end.


There are a couple of lines, though we took the Powell-Hyde that goes from downtown to close to Fisherman’s wharf and back (you can get down at the end, spend time, and take another car back). There is a ticket to it that you can purchase before your board.

Palace of Fine Arts: It is a huge structure composed of a wide pergola around a central rotunda surrounded by the water. Originally built in 1915 in order to show works of art, it is still preserved in an impeccable state.


I would give it my best rating in the whole of San Francisco (guess what, there is no charge to see it)!

Yerba Buena Gardens: If you are fond of night photography (like I am), you can get good view of the downtown from these gardens. Just head up to the level 1 of the area and you can enjoy this view.


If you still have time left in San Francisco, I would also suggest visiting Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. We couldn’t see that as there was a huge rush the weekend we were there.

69 thoughts on “What more to see in San Francisco?

  1. Lombard street looks cool, I like the pictures of Palace of fine arts! Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.


  2. I have spent many years living in and enjoying the Bay Area, Alok, and your photos and descriptions here are excellent. I am delighted you enjoyed SF.


  3. The power hyde car looks like a fun thing to ride. It also looks like something that takes a lot of work and concentration to drive. Beautiful images, and looks like a peaceful walk there 🙂


  4. Aah! This place looks delightful Alok. It’s almost as if I can feel the cool breeze in my face. The Powell-Hyde Cable Car is something I definitely want to hop onto 🙂


  5. The first two spots you mentioned took me back… I was like a kid driving down Lombard Street for the first time, as it was something I had only seen on TV many times. You have a great photo of the scene… And then it was Union Square where my girlfriend and I spent so much time (stayed at the Drake Hotel) and fell in love with the city. Wonderful review yet again ~ wishing you a great finish to the weekend.

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  6. I think I’d be scared to death to drive down Lombard Street. It looks beautiful, but I think I’d rather walk.

    What is the speed limit on that street? Traffic can’t be moving very quickly…?


  7. Love the photos of the Palace of Fine Arts! I recently visited San Francisco for the first time, but I didn’t have chance to explore the structure as I was riding a bike to the Golden Gate bridge and only had a few hours until my flight back. I think you might like my post about my experience of the city with places to tick off if you have a limited amount of time as I did:


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