United States Capitol Hill in DC

On a weekend in March, we explored the National Mall area in Washington, D.C. It is that green stretch of over 1,000 acres that symbolizes the nation of the United States and its democratic values. Starting from the United States Capitol to the Potomac River, it has various iconic Memorials and Parks with a history going back by over 200 years.

Being the national capital, parking could be a nightmare if you plan to visit by car. We normally reach (and check-in in the hotel) any place which is more than a couple of hours away from home the night before, so we can start sightseeing right in the morning next day. So, on both days after arriving near DC, we left our hotel early in the morning so we could park by the attractions by 9am. Another advantage of starting early in the morning is you can find a free parking slot. On the first day, we parked right outside the Botanic Garden, which is next to the US Capitol as well.


US Capitol (often called the Capital Hill or Capitol Building) is the meeting place of the nation’s legislature (congress). It is a working office building and a tourist attraction as well. It also houses an important collection of American art and is an architectural achievement in its own right. Let’s go inside the building:


Later that day we went to the Botanic Garden, but not before exploring places nearby.


P.S. As mentioned earlier, there is no entry fee for any attraction in DC

54 thoughts on “United States Capitol Hill in DC

  1. I have always missed visiting this place, never out of choice…albeit I tell myself, there’s hardly anything! Your pics inspire to tell me the truth. 🙂


  2. The Capitol building looks so pristine and perfect. Nice captures, Alok. We are getting to see some good compositions these days. 🙂


  3. You made me recall my visit to DC about two decades ago, when my father visited us in the US. This was the only place in the US he really wanted to visit. Not even Niagara falls, which every Indian wants to visit 😀 Great pictures, Alok.


  4. Enjoyed the virtual tour of the Capitol hill through your vibrant post, also had a rerun yesterday with Modi saab making his presence felt in washington DC


  5. Lovely shots as always :). Must say the architecture inside the Capitol Building looks really beautiful.


  6. Hey Alok, loved this post. What camera do you use? Wonderful captures!

    – glimpsesofdaworld.wordpress.com


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