United States Botanic Garden, Washington DC

Since we were next to the Garden on our first day in Washington and also had half-a-day left, we thought of visiting the Botanic Garden. Also, the entry is free, so there was no reason to not visit!

The garden is divided into 3 sections – Conservatory, National Garden, and Bartholdi Park. It is a great indoor facility if you want to beat the heat and explore the nature. There are many breathtaking exhibits, which makes for a perfect photo-op. I particularly liked the Orchids.DSC04487DSC04475

I suggest spending at least an hour inside the conservatory – read the names of plants and flowers, take a few stops to inhale the whiff around; if you have kids, it is a great opportunity to teach them about the varieties of plants from across the globe.DSC04494DSC04461

Once you are done indoors, there is much to see outdoors too. We avoided it being a hot day.

Here are a few sections I recommend covering overall:

  • Take a walk around the tropical rainforest, and also have a view of the jungle canopy.
  • Have a look at the huge collection of ever blooming orchids.
  • The desert section gives an arid feel; but at the same time, you are spellbound by the beauty of plants.
  • There is a fountain and multiple gardens outside, which should not be missed.

The plants and seeds available at their store are reasonably priced – do buy them!

62 thoughts on “United States Botanic Garden, Washington DC

  1. Beautiful pics of the orchids. Although I am against having any creatures in captivity the pics of the creatures were awesome as well. I have been to San Francisco and there is much to do there.


  2. Orchids Orchids everywhere! 😀 I like the image with the pool. It looks vibrant! In the last pic, it looks like a tiny bird with a white beak is seated inside the flower. Orchids do have interesting features!

    There is one thing I have felt about visiting exhibits. I should go alone. I always read everything and observe all the exhibits and try to assimilate what I read. But my companions are always restless and then, I lose interest too.

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  3. Such beautiful place thanks to your amazing pictures. One of the best things about Botanical gardens is that you don’t find only plants, you’ll sometimes find weird insects too !


  4. The flower that rests amazed amongst others (don’t you think it looks like their mouths are open in wanderlust?)
    May your week ahead be a magical one with the ones you love.
    Dajena 🙂 🙂


  5. Orchidariums are so cheerful and nice. Have visited a few – but the ones I recall the most are in Sri Lanka, Singapore and Bengaluru :D. Loved your pics


  6. Those blooms are so pretty. Great captures. The Botanic garden seems like a good place for flower photography.
    There’s a little rain-forest in there? That’s inviting. 🙂

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