The charm of DL Bliss State Park

While driving around Lake Tahoe, our next stop after Emerald Bay was DL Bliss State Park. Though the park was closed because of Spring season (early April), it was open for hiking and enjoying the crystal clear water of Lake Tahoe.

After much deliberation, we thought of hiking the Rubicon and Lighthouse trails there, and also going down to the Calawee Cove. We misunderstood the signs there and read 1-mile hike each way, so that was a no-brainer for us. So, with much excitement, we started walking from the parking lot to the trailhead stop. Much to our dismay, the walk to the stop itself was 2 miles (through the winding roads in the park), but then we thought it won’t be long till we hit the water.

Well, we walked and walked, with hardly anybody visible around. The views were no doubt stunning, but soon we realized it won’t be a mile further to the cave. By then we had walked a long distance and had also come down around 4,000 feet. The water was visible and so were the mountains overlooking the lake. Rather than thinking much, we thought of enjoying what we couldn’t believe.


It took us around 1.5 hours to reach the level of the water. We were stunned to see the ‘untouched’ beauty!


We spent a lot of time there, and I, for one, never wanted to leave…but then it was around 4pm and we were afraid of facing off the bears too! We had not seen the (old) Rubicon lighthouse till now and even the new lighthouse, though we took the respective trails alternately while going down.

The tough task now was to climb above 6,000 feet uphill to reach our car. That would take some time and muscles, we knew! In order to read before dark, we didn’t take long stops and soon Saru realized she developed a cramp in the back. But then there was no other option than to keep walking. This time, we were lucky enough to spot the old lighthouse, that looked like a small hut (it was the highest elevation lighthouse on a navigational body of water in the entire world).


Somehow, after much huffing and puffing we reached our car and breathed a sigh of relief!

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65 thoughts on “The charm of DL Bliss State Park

  1. Sounded like a bit of a climb back up but what stunning views, Alok. Love the way you framed that shot with the trees in the foreground and water in the background. What a tease, and what sight when you reached the bottom. Lovely pose standing on the rock. The water and the world was certainly at your feet 😀


  2. One hell of an adventurous climb this was…hope Saru di didn’t face a lot of pain as an aftermath…but the place sure seems to be worth the toil and the hard work 🙂

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  3. Experiences like these become truly memorable when they are rewarded with views like these! I love the serenity that the entire place oozes, it is utterly balming to the soul. Sorry to hear about Saru’s cramp but glad both of you reached back up safely in time.

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  4. Alok! the pictures and the narrative of the small hike..both seem to be quite appealing! AS always, amazing pictures! beautiful place to explore around! I can spend hours here! Thanks for “virtual” hike! 🙂

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  5. Absolutely stunning surreal shots, Alok! That trek was sure worth the views! How fortunate you are to be able to visit places of such Magnificent Beauty. Thank YOU for sharing your trip with us!!! ❤


  6. Thus said the great poet Kabir:

    “Jin buda tin paiyan, gahre pani paith,
    Main Bapur boodan dara, raha kinare baith.”

    The treasure you hit upon after all that hard work is a testimony to the couplet. I hare am the fool who sat out on the riverbank afraid of drowning.


  7. Wow! Adventurous post. Loved it. The pictures are stunning. I am sure the pain of hiking back was worth it. Good that you reached back safe without having to encounter any bears.

    Thank you for sharing. 🙂


  8. This was quite an adventure you guys had and the pictures show that it was a great, fulfilling experience. Call me weird, but I like climbing more 😛 It is the getting down that makes me balk!


  9. ENVY!! ENVY!! Green with envy! 😛


    SO blissful it is to embark on such adventures and discover untouched places. It looks so pristine Alok! 🙂

    Hope you travel to many many such places and share them with us!

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  10. Beautiful shots, as always. 🙂 Tell me something, how do you make the time to travel so much? I would love to learn. Honestly.


  11. WOW would be an understatement. This is spectacular! The wait and effort was worth it! 😃 Would definitely love to visit one day.


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