You got to keep your wife Happy, and girl friend Happier!

…And there are no Ifs and Buts about it!

After the blockbuster success of how can you be happy that I wrote few months back, I thought for a while. How can you be happy without making sure your wife or girl friend is happy – in every respect! I know this is the most difficult task in the world, but then you are supposed to be that much wise. No?

I have failed on many accounts, but still my experience could be of some help to you.


The way to tackle the issue is to list down all that she needs (most of that is indeed materialistic), and take them up one by one. For me, they have been Perfumes, Watches, Bags, and the list is just short of endless. And then go on to satisfy her desires, whatever that means 😛

You might argue how can materialistic things satisfy her the most? Well, that’s why people have failed to understand women! Better is not to think – if you apply your thought, you will surely not end up on the winning side. You might still be tempted to give it a thought, but believe me – the end result with be the same. Yes, you have my sympathies!

I see this unmarried young lady in office and I have hardly seen her repeat any of her ‘expensive’ dresses. God knows how will her husband keep up with her! Nevertheless, I know many ladies out there did the ‘100 saree pact,’ so I guess it can indeed be worked out. Even otherwise, if you think through, it is not that difficult…you just have to compromise on your ‘personal’ list of items to buy.

If you are unmarried, this becomes all the more important; else, you might not get whatever you are looking for. So, take your call – enjoy the company while being a mute puppy or raise your voice and be in your own company!

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49 thoughts on “You got to keep your wife Happy, and girl friend Happier!

  1. While your thoughts made me smile but I disagree with you…firstly because it is never too good to generalise and secondly how will you make an economically independent wife who might be earning more than her husband happy? Obviously he has to find other ways and keep in mind another fact…happiness keeps changing its destinations for women 🙂 🙂

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  2. Lol, very candid post, Alok. True that some women do like having different dresses, bags and makeup. It’s a way they can impress themselves 🙂 I like to think I’m not one of those girls. So long as I can have good company, that keeps me happy. I’m low maintenance 😂

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  3. This is offensive. I don’t need a husband to provide for me materially, period. I own my home, my car, and easily pay for whatever shoes and clothes and bags I like. My husband is thoughtful and funny and has great values. Those are much more precious than the mere exchanging of gifts, and I’m certainly glad he hasn’t reduced me to material expectations, nor I him.

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  4. Gifts!! Sure they do wonders to the woman’s mood! You have found your way to deal with Saru. Waiting for my husband to figure out the same!



  5. But the list will never end, would it? 😉 And satisfaction of desires is a state of mind I believe. What may satisfy one person may not satisfy the other :P. Wacky title by the way :D.

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  6. Interesting Article. Although I feel that its the emotional connect that keeps a girl happy. Just listen to her :-p Well, I won’t deny the prospect of gifts – handbags, dresses, chocolates, flowers etc that can cheer up any girl


  7. The feminist in me was all ready to rear its head and take you head-on . Was about to say things like what women want isn’t dresses and shoes and only what men think they want. Was abou to say that the tone of the piece was quite judgemental too. The unmarried girl in your office could very well have bought them from her own money so the man need not have to keep her happy.
    But then I read all the other comments and saw people have already got there before me. 😉 So then I chose to look at the lighter side of it. And although all of that is still true, it’s not just as bad as it looks to be. 😉 Agree with Arv’s comment above. Add a kind listening ear to the list and you have a winner. 😉
    Thanks for the follow 🙂


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