The Wonder of Nature – Fall Colors

A couple of years back we spent 3 days in New Hampshire (NH) to see the best colors of nature during fall.

NH is famous for its picturesque beauty, along with the states of Vermont and Maine – primarily because they lie up North and get cold weather early on (starting late September or early October). Nature lovers also visit Virginia (especially Shenandoah valley), but then most of the mountains lie in the North and the beauty there is just unparalleled! In fact, Stowe in Vermont, North Conway in NH, and Acadia National Park in Maine have found their place among one of the top places to visit during fall in many prominent ratings.

During our trip earlier, we were lucky enough to hit some spots when the colors were at their peak, showing the fantastic hues of bright gold, brown, crimson, red, orange, yellow, and others in between. One such place is Kancamagus Highway. You can just drive around and stop at places you feel give you the best of sights. Here are a few shots from our outing:


We didn’t cover a whole lot of places back then but did visit Franconia Notch State Park, Flume Gorge, Lost River Reservation and a couple of other places I wrote about earlier – Lakes Region and Mount Washington.

I always had a strong urge to go back, and now I look forward to covering Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine in the 9-day trip starting this Friday. I especially made sure I spend a couple of days each in Stowe, North Conway, and Acadia National Park 🙂

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