The inviting snow-capped mountains!

I have been enjoying the road-trips off late. Being an absolute lover of driving, such trips have added a great deal to my adventures. In addition to the popular attractions that we cover, we also discover many hidden gems along the way. These places are untouched, less populated, and give a peek into the local culture. As the journey is less strenuous, the overall experience gets enhanced.

Of all the road trips we have taken till date, our journey to the West Coast gave us the maximum variety. Snow covered mountains, crystal-clear lakes, lush green landscapes, bountiful orchards, cities buzzing with life – you name it and California has it!

In my previous post on travel, I talked about the mesmerizing and jaw-dropping beauty of fall foliage. Today, I am transitioning to snow-capped mountains. I love mountains on any given day and long to visit them often. On our California trip, while moving across locations, we were treated by spectacular scenic routes…some of them were picture-perfect! I couldn’t have imagined seeing such landscapes in April. But, there they were, and surprisingly in places which are not talked about much in travel magazines.

One such place is Kirkwood, which has a famous Ski resort. If you love skiing, it would feel a heaven being there.dsc05941dsc05933dsc05965

We made multiple stops on the way to inhale in the beauty and sometimes to just wonder at it. In the next write-up, I would show you a completely different view of such landscapes!

63 thoughts on “The inviting snow-capped mountains!

  1. I remember people always used to associate California with warm weather and sunshine. These pictures will definitely alter this perception. love the the featured picture l.

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  2. Wow! Snowcapped mountains along the road is a sheer treat to eyes! Great you explored this untouched and beautiful place, Alok! Amazing shots 😊

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  3. I have only heard about California and its all good. I am waiting to see it through your eyes. Nice pics. I like mountains but suffer from motion sickness. Let me enjoy those while I sit in my chair.

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  4. Road trips like these are so awesome. And you know when I saw scenery like this with snow as far as the eyes could see in Moscow last year, I realized that this has a beauty of it’s own. Lovely pics as always :D.

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