9 days chasing fall colors across Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

Though I am yet to complete writing about my California trip (for that matter even Florida vacation, which we took last New Year’s eve), I am starting off with my very recent fall outing.

After Spending 3 days in New Hampshire 2 years back, I always had the urge to go back. There is so much to see there during autumn season. But then I read about the splendor of fall in Vermont and Acadia National Park in Maine over the years – both are not to be missed for many reasons, the best being the natural beauty they offer. So, with everything in mind, it was only befitting to cover all of them together between Sep-end to Oct-end. And that’s what we did this year!

Stowe in Vermont is rated as one of the best places to see nature’s charisma in the United States and normally gets peak fall colors early Oct. Not far, but equally pretty is North Conway in New Hampshire. Acadia National Park in Maine is another top attraction, but usually peaks around Oct-end. So, with all the predictions and calculations almost 3 months in advance, we decided to spend 2nd week of Oct chasing colors from Vermont to New Hampshire to Maine. It was extremely important to plan and book early, as the hotels were almost gone 2 months before, one reason being 2nd week of Oct was a long weekend and then Stowe had its Annual Fall Arts festival that weekend.

We normally start towards our first destination on Friday evening, so we have entire Saturday at our disposal…this time our overnight halt was in Rutland in Vermont. Here’s how the final map looked for us (these are just major spots, we primarily covered attractions within and around these cities/places):screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-11-18-13-amOn the way to the hotel, we spent some time at the picturesque Lake George…we were there 2 years back as well. A couple of our favorite shots from back then.dsc00773dsc00769This time, I was just able to capture the calmness of the lake in the night from my phone.
img_9629I eagerly looked forward to the next morning as we had to drive up US 100 highway – one of the best drives for fall colors. And rightly so, as our experience would show in the next post.

P.S. To read the chemistry behind change in colors, refer here

67 thoughts on “9 days chasing fall colors across Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

  1. So much travel and driving around those states, but it sounded like very scenic drive and then scenic hikes at your destination. The scenery always looks so much better up close, and I am looking forward to your future posts about California. Always good to plan early. After all, early bird gets the worm 🙂

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  2. I too love autumn for it’s colors and am glad to have found your blog at about just the right time. The cottony clouds floating over the lake is just gorgeous. Looking forward to more pictures in upcoming posts 🙂

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  3. I love national parks in US and Canada. They are well organised in the first place. Besides, in the morning and evenings there is a wonderful feeling that takes you beyond. Feeling cannot be described. I once drove from Vancouver to San Diego. We followed scenic route on the West Coast. I cannot describe the feeling in the evening as sun was setting and we were driving through Oregon and later through northern California.


      1. I recommend you to visit Kennebunkport, Old Orchard Beach and Ogunquit (Especially marginal way) unless you already have.

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      2. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I did try visiting Kennebunkport, but didn’t see much there…unless i went to the wrong place 🙂 What exactly is there to see?

        I will keep them in mind though.


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