Once again, an offbeat place scores high!

On the Day 1 of our trip covering fall across states up North in the United States, we drove on US 100 – a drive rated highly by many travel magazines and websites!

We started from Rutland (after staying there overnight) and went north-east towards Killington. Just before reaching Killington, we turned northwards on US 100 and immediately encountered a sign that read Kent Pond on the right. Saru was not at all interested in seeing it, so I kept driving further; but then suddenly I thought of my experience with offbeat places in Lake Tahoe in California. Well, I immediately took turn and came back to the pond. The water was not visible from the parking (there is no fee for parking or visit), so we were not sure of what lies ahead. We walked a few meters, and my reaction was – Oh my God!dsc07688dsc07589There were very few tourists there, so we had plenty of time to spend at our own ease. I was so glad to have come back. I was reluctant to leave the place, but I was pulled, again 🙂

Soon enough, we reached the small town of Rochester and couldn’t stop passing by a park, which provided for a perfect picture. It is such places that I find hard to resist as the beauty is mostly untouched.dsc07778We kept driving further up US 100 and our admiration had no bounds! It was hard for me to think where all to stop as every other place looked better than the earlier…but then we had 9 days to witness the extravaganza.dsc07745Travel Tips:

  1. Drive on US 100 is a must to watch the splendid fall colors. Our research says start from Woodstock (lies south-west of Killington, about 20 miles), then head west towards Bridgewater on US 4, and finally merge into US 100 near Killington.
  2. If you are going to spent a couple of days in the town of Stowe (68 miles north of Killington, and highly rated for colors), don’t worry about stopping at each spot on US 100…there is much more to come.
  3. Keep at least half-a-day for the drive, even that might seem insufficient if you’ve never been amazed with nature!

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