Up-Close-And-Personal with Nature!

The very next morning after we had an amazing time at the Kent Pond while driving North US 100, we were staring at the highest mountain in Vermont – Mount Mansfield. Though the public forums didn’t mention much about driving up 4,393 feet to the summit (they normally talk about taking the Gondola ride up through the Stowe Mountain Resort, which we also took next day), I found it to be a pleasant drive. Maybe because we were the first ones to be there, thus having the road to ourselves!

As soon as the gate to the toll road opened up at 9am, we paid the price – $22 for the vehicle and driver and an additional $7 for Saru – and started the drive uphill, which was steep at times. Being fall season, every few minutes I had to stop to capture the amazing scenery. It was cloudy, and with the foliage colors all around, it was quite a sight to behold! One also gets stunning views of Lake Champlain (we went there later that day) and Adirondack Mountains on the way up the zig zag road to the summit ridge.fall-foliage-in-usaOnce at the top, it was freezing up there (we were warned about it at the gate itself). There are many trails one can take up there, and we did walk about quarter-a-mile. However, poor visibility called for an early return. Instead, we thought of enjoying more spots on the way back down the mountain while the traffic was still less. By then the sun also had started peeking through the clouds and some panoramic views looked much better because of the glaring contrast in falls colors.where-to-see-fall-colorsbest-fall-trips-in-usaautumn-colors-in-usIf you ask me was the drive worth it, I would emphatically say Yes…especially because of the colors all around! It might not have been that great a drive if there was just greenery out there. Though you would get similar views by taking the gondola to the summit (will write about it in another post), the experiences differ as you are more up-close-and-personal with nature while driving!vermont-fall-trip

63 thoughts on “Up-Close-And-Personal with Nature!

  1. What a breathtaking view watching the fall foliage in their prime!
    Loved the pictures which have left me wishing to visit this gorgeous place at least once in my lifetime, for I love autumn for its colors.

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  2. I’ve long to see the colors of the NE parts of the USA, and this posts shows the reason why. Incredible colors, and a journey well worth undertaking. Also, I love a great drive into a quiet, beautiful area…so much to see and experience, and in a car makes everything feel a bit more accessible should you stumble on a site you really like. Cheers to a great 2017 Alok, take care!


  3. I must say you have covered the best spots for fall and winter in the states. I am overwhelmed by the colors you capture every where you go!

    Plan my trip when I decide to come there 😀


  4. I loved the myriad of colors and the breathtaking view of the countryside from the top of mountain. It’s such a lovely and colorful post, Alok! Good to see that you were welcomed by such a lovely weather. 🙂

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  5. You have totally convinced me to visit Vermont only during fall! What colours! That click of the hamlet with vibrant and colourful woods – OMG, would mind paying extra for each passenger for that view 🙂


  6. What a stunning view this is! Looks like a thick carpet of greens and reds has been laid over the mountain! 🙂


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