Ben and Jerry’s and the tranquility of Lake Champlain!

Ever since I went to Lake Tahoe early last year, I have been sort of obsessed with lakes! Lake Tahoe was so mesmerizing that I wish I encounter such sights every time I am at a lake. Just to put things into context, here’s one such view of lake tahoe captured at the incline village in Nevada.alok-singhal-lake-tahoeSo, during our trip to Vermont, I made sure we go to its soothing Lake Champlain. Though most of the natural freshwater lake likes in the United States, a part of it extends across the border into Canada too.

After we were done with soaking-in the beauty of Mt Mansfield (by driving to its summit) in Stowe, we still had half a day left, just perfect to explore Lake Champlain in the town of Burlington and experience the Sunset there. However, before reaching Burlington, we made sure to stop at the famous Ben and Jerry’s and enjoy its premium ice-cream. Actually, we are guilty of driving a cool half-an-hour from Stowe for 3 days to have their mouthwatering favors!
best-ice-cream-usaWe even took their factory tour which is priced at a reasonable $4 per person and lasts about half-an-hour, followed by tasting one of their flavors for free. You would easily need 2-3 hours if you plan to tour and buy ice-cream…there are long queues for each. Or you can buy from the above van parked just outside, which carries limited flavors but is not open always!

They have a gift shop too, where one can chose from a plethora of souvenirs.ben-and-jerrysThe place provides for some fun too…Saru makes sure she doesn’t skip through such sights, and I make sure to capture her 🙂ben-and-jerrys-vermontHaving spent a couple of hours at the ice-cream factory, we drove half-an-hour further to the west to reach the waterfront of Burlington. The boardwalk there is pretty nice and long, something I have not seen much in my travels so far. Though it was cloudy that day, the lake had spectacular beauty!lake-champlain-alokAnother aspect of this boardwalk is that it has swings, (again) something i’ve never seen so far! One can also take a ferry for the Sunset, though we chose to indulge in our own though the Sunset was not that spectacular, it still was a memorable visit. Moreover, both Ben and Jerry’s and the Lake provided a variety to the fall colors that we had been seeing for the last 2 this, I finish off the trip to Stowe in Vermont…the next day we headed east to North Conway in New Hampshire (about 1.5 hours drive) after experiencing the gondola ride up Mt Mansfield, which i’ve already covered.

Having experienced it all, Stowe is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for fall colors! We stayed at the Mountaineer Inn there and had a pleasant experience. Here’s an early morning shot from the balcony of our room.mountaineer-inn-stowe

60 thoughts on “Ben and Jerry’s and the tranquility of Lake Champlain!

  1. That Lake Champlain is a beauty. The water looks so smooth and mesmerising. Stunning reflection. What a lovely ice-cream tour and treat right after. The queue looks long, and I hope you and Saru didn’t have to wait too long to get in. Nothing like ice-cream on a bit of vacation. I really love Ben and Jerry’s and so glad they have it here in Australia 🙂

    What a view from your bedroom window. Wake up and look out to paradise 🙂

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  2. Few scenic pictures in(almost) every post is your hallmark! I really like this picture of the boardwalk and the picture shot there, overlooking the lake! Ice cream factory tour, specially of Ben & Jerry sounds so fascinating! Anything that ends with getting to have an ice cream is always a good idea! 😉

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    1. Your last point is so appropriate! I have a habit of treating myself to ice cream on every trip.

      I like to keep the post entertaining, just enough images and text so the audience doesn’t get bored. But each of them has to impactful!

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  3. The first picture is a masterpiece, a rare spectacle! Just look at the hues of blue, merging into each other so perfectly…an artist’s delight!
    What stands out in these pictures is the silvery sky, good shots Alok. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Wow! a visit to the ice cream factory in the middle of such scenic escapades sounds perfect. The serenity by the fresh water lakes is something I too have come to love after having been to some of the spectacular beaches of the world.

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  5. This was so nice to share your travels with us, Alok. I was very pleased to see Saru in the photos at Ben and Jerry’s. She looks happy and is pretty. Please tell her this from one of your blogging friends, Robin. 🙂


  6. Lake Champlain looks so huge, lovely view where the horizon is lined up with mountains and clouds! Ben and Jerrys is one of our favorite and how lucky are you visit their factory!


  7. The reflection of clouds on lake Champlain look beautiful. I always feel that the presence of lakes add a soothing touch to landscapes. Ben & Jerry must be a real treat after the long drive. Morning shot from the balcony is quite colourful too.

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  8. Your love for lakes is something I have noticed in most of your travel posts. I too have the same affection. 🙂 Ahh and ice-cream factory..Oh am drooling!! Never been to any ice-cream factory but wish to visit one soon. Loved the cover picture and Saru’s on the Ben & Jerry’s hole board (you’re missing in the frame) 😛


  9. I’m jealous! $4 for a factory tour and free ice cream!! I’ve just published a post on my blog bemoaning the price of B&J’s at our local movie theatre here in the U.K.

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