A glorious Sunset in the best of Settings

As we were making our way to New Hampshire from Vermont, we passed by the famous Omni Mount Washington Resort, located at the foot of the Presidential Range in Bretton Woods area. The sheer grandness of the golf courses, beautiful landscapes, snow-covered mountains, and an imposing structure made me stop without thinking twice!bretton-woods-resortI had never seen as pretty a sight as this one! There were only a few people around, as I parked my car just alongside the road to the resort. One of the lady photographers present mentioned it is her favorite site and that she had been there for hours.

The tallest peak in the view is Mount Washington, the one we drove on the next day. It is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288ft, and I even drove up to its Summit a couple of years back.

Within an hour or so the sun went down, providing for a dramatic change in the scenery. I was holding my breath for the last beam of rays as the colors changed from yellow, to orange, to pink, and everything in between!best-sunset-in-new-hampshireI couldn’t help admire the reflections in a small pond there. Even the fall colors on the other side of the highway added to the mesmerizing views.fall-colors-in-new-hampshireAnd then the time of the hour which I had been waiting for…with a perfect postcard-type setting!sunset-at-bretton-woodsI had never heard of the resort earlier but it’s a highly rated 4-star hotel. The Ski area close by was ranked #1 in the East for snow, grooming, service, and weather in 2013/14 by SKI Magazine Reader’s Poll.

If you just want to admire the beauty, my recommendation would be going there early-mid October just when the fall colors are at their peak, but after the snow has fallen.

64 thoughts on “A glorious Sunset in the best of Settings

  1. I can understand why that lady photographer had been at that spot for hours. What a sight, and your photography is stunning. So colourful, so sharp. Must have been speechless beauty right there and then. Perfect timing with the sun going down too. It’s many a photographer’s dream to get the light bouncing off clouds and turning pink and orange, and then not washing out the colours on the camera. Well done 🙂


  2. AWESOMEEE!! I really want to say it loud. Such breathtaking pictures, Alok! I loved the composition of first and last picture.So good to read that you had a great time experiencing such a fascinating place. Loved all the pics! 🙂


  3. What a stunning set of pictures, Alok. Truly, a treat for the nature lover. We hardly get to see these kind of colors in the sky out here… It’s just so dramatic!
    Just wondering, if these were shot with an iPhone or Sony mirrorless?


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  5. Speechless…. The lighted mountain tops bathed in gold, in the first pic, the array of autumn, sitting prettily on Trees in the second, and the meticulous perfection He took in creating the third… to the extent of putting up that white building there, nicely tucked in amid the verdant, enjoying the colour carnival in the sky and the mirroring water… Kya bolun? Itna to speechless hokar bol dala! 😁😁 Thank -you!


  6. I think I should make a list of adjectives ready before I visit your blog. My vocab isn’t that great and I’d end up saying they are beautiful/lovely mesmerizing etc 😛 You know what I am really trying to say right? I really can’t pick one image from the above. They all look equally beautiful. The umpteen colors that nature paints on herself! I think I have said this before in one of your sunset pics. No two sunsets are the same. This is yet another proof of that 🙂 Keep showing us these wonderful views through your blog 🙂


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