A silver lining in the long flight to Las Vegas

In December we took a 10-day vacation to Las Vegas and the Canyons of the West, as I would call them. Our early morning United Airlines flight to LV would have made sure we are in the hotel by early afternoon, thus giving us half-a-day to do sightseeing.

I am always excited to reach early at the airports and look their international departures…it makes me happy looking at the takeoffs to some of my favorite destinations 🙂

In the process of lingering around at the Newark airport, I snapped a beautiful sunrise.newark-airport-sunrise We took off on time at 7.55am and after about 4 hours in the flight, as we were about to reach LV in an hour or so, an announcement came in that it is too windy to land there and that pilots have decided to divert to Salk Lake City in Utah till the weather gets better in LV. Huh! Anyway, I was delighted to experience another landing and takeoff and explore another airport.newark-to-las-vegasAs it turned out, it had just snowed in Salt Lake and the picturesque surroundings gave me a few views to enjoy too.salt-lake-city-airportAfter about 1.5 hours, we finally took off and I was amazed by the mountains covered in snow and the mist hovering over them.best-views-from-airplanebest-of-salt-lake-cityFinally, we touched down in LV late in the evening. After quickly renting the car from Enterprise at their airport office, we checked into the Holiday Inn & Suites close by.

That was the end of a hectic day, but I would rather choose to look at the silver lining in the form of splendid views we got to experience!

P.S. All pics are from my iPhone

96 thoughts on “A silver lining in the long flight to Las Vegas

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  2. Wonderful imagery, Alok. Very good with the phone photography. Another takeoff and landing, an unexpected part of the journey and very lucky you got a window seat. I am guessing you are the kind who requests for window seat when flying 🙂 I always ask for window seat if it’s possible 🙂

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    1. I did enjoy, but i wish the delays don’t become a part of life 🙂

      It looks to be a short week with the snow storm predicted tomorrow…so, yes, enjoying. You enjoy your week too!


  3. I love these moments on a trip! Love those cloudy skies, the mist over those mountains and sliver of sunlight. No matter how much we fly, I always get goosebumps when I’m surrounded by clouds…Small joys are found everywhere. I guess we just need to look for them. 🙂

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  4. What a stunning scenery. Sometimes, we are rewarded with bonus!
    My personal favorite is the first picture of sunrise at Newark Airport, it’s a beautiful capture, Alok. The other favorite is the last photo with snow capped mountain in the distant.
    Your compositions are a visual treat for the eyes,Alok! 🙂

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  5. I seldom take pics of airplanes and airports unless I find something spectacular. Your photos are simply beautiful – my favourites are the sunrise and snow-covered mountains 🙂

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  6. Absolutely stunning captures! There is nothing better than such wonderful views from the plane. Though I don’t like air travel much but the certain sights we get while traveling makes the whole journey worth every penny.

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