Best views of Empire State Building and WTC

I have been long enough in and around New York to guide one to the locations for best views of prominent structures in New York. Two of them that immediately come to mind are the Empire State Building and World Trade Center (WTC). Statue of Liberty is another one that has a different vantage point and will be covered separately.

Of course, you can be close to any of them and even go atop the two covered here to experience the views far and wide, extending into New Jersey too! But what about seeing them from a distance and enjoying their beauty amidst the skyline of New York? For that, the best (and free) option is to adore them from the Hudson river walkway, an 18.5 mile paved pathway just alongside the Hudson river in New Jersey. The path is open 24*7 and extends from George Washington to the Bayonne Bridge…each of the three structures can be seen clearly from the walkway, but from different locations!

Also, the spots covered here are the best locations to see the fireworks over the Hudson, the famous ones being on the New Year and 4th July!

For the Empire State Building, my favorite has been the Pier C Park in Hoboken (a small park the gate of which is visible below). There is a metered parking just on the left side in the shot, which might be full unless you go in the morning or evening, which is what I do. However, there are many public parking spots close by, so parking is not an issue at all.pier-c-park-hobokenhoboken-waterfronthudson-riverLook at the projected walkway in the above image, it takes you closer to the NY skyline. Btw, who says padlocks are only to be found in Europe? You can see many of them in Pier C too!empire-state-buildingYou might have to zoom-in the lens quite a lot to get a good shot of the Empire State. A better option is to come out of Pier C Park and walk further towards the George Washington Bridge on the main path (visible outside the gate in the first shot). In less than a kilometer, the Empire State comes right across and the view is impeccable. I’ve been in the area on many occasions – every season, both day and night!where-to-get-best-views-of-new-yorkIf you walk towards the right side on the main path, you are heading towards the WTC. Though the structure is clearly visible from the Pier C Park also, but Pier A Park just a few feet away provides much better views of it (the Pier A Park is visible below, shot from the entrance of the Pier C Park). world trade centre.jpgAs compared to the Pier C, Pier A is quite big and one can enjoy the vast open area it can head all the way to the edge and get a nice shot of the World Trade Center!world-trade-centre-new-yorkThough the WTC looks quite close above, an even better location for it is the Exchange Place. Since that spot is a few minutes drive from the parks mentioned here, I will cover the same in my next post along with the best location for Statue of Liberty.

P.S. For each of these structures, you will have to still zoom-in a bit for the close-up views shown here, not matter where you go on the entire Hudson river pathway! But these are still the best locations for the purpose!

67 thoughts on “Best views of Empire State Building and WTC

  1. Loved the way you took the readers closer to the views they’d love to capture while soaking in the scenery from a comfortable distance.
    Great shots, hoping to see the night views of this location in an upcoming post.


  2. These are great zoom-in images, Alok. Very clear and no blur. The city skyline view looks stunning and that is quite a lovely path to walk along. I bet along the vast space at Pier A is very colourful in Autumn when all the tree leaves start to she 😀 Looking forward to your Statue of Liberty post and more on NY. You make a good travel guide 🙂


  3. One question I’d like to ask. Do you enjoy going on trips in the US or in India? 😀
    Also. what are those locks in the fence? Do they signify something?
    Amazing pictures! It must have been during the end of winters right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I enjoy trips anywhere and everywhere I go to. Most of my trips have been in the US, so you see these pics and posts from here.

      Those padlocks are what people have put there…maybe they would come here again some years later and want to open them up as a memory. They are mostly a concept from Europe…in Amsterdam people put them up together with the love of their life.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve always heard of famous padlocks in Paris and other places in Europe. Great to see that in US also, they have something like that. Also, the patches of ice on the pathway is giving a fab touch to the pictures. Skyline is as usual, amazing! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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