The Grandeur of The Grand Canyon

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The only wonder of the world that I have covered (yet) – the majestic Grand Canyon! I was completely in awe of the force of nature that carved out the canyon millions of years ago. It still sends shivers down my body when I think about standing there and wondering how on earth these would have formed!the majestic grand canyonJust a day after landing in Las Vegas, we were on our way to the South rim of the Grand Canyon (we were to come back to LV and stay there for 3 days ending on Christmas eve, to enjoy the celebrations in the city).

Though many tourists specifically go to the West rim to do the Skywalk, we left it out intentionally since it is too expensive at $80.94 per person for the Legacy Gold Package. Moreover, if you are not so sacrosanct about doing the ‘walk on the glass bridge,’ you get pretty much similar views of the canyon from the south rim too.

We stayed right outside the entrance to the South rim, at ‘The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon.’ The stay was amazing (it is the only 3-diamond hotel around the canyon) though the internet connectivity was terrible – reception told me it’s the same with any hotel there. I must mention, we normally book our stays very close to the main attraction since it becomes easy for me to cover the Sunrise and/or Sunset there. Even otherwise, I would rather spend a bit more to experience the place than drive an hour!

After refreshing ourselves up in the hotel, we headed straight to the Visitor Center. There are numerous benefits of asking the experts at the visitor center, even though we do enough research beforehand – at the very least, we stay current with the (mis)information we found online. Since we have the Annual Pass to all the National Parks in the United States (bought for $80 last year, applicable per vehicle), we didn’t have to pay additionally to enter the Canyon area.

For the curious, check out the short video that plays every few minutes at the visitor center that tells you how the canyons were formed. Once you are ready to experience the grandness of the canyon, start from the Mather Point, which is right behind the visitor center and is a must-see. You can walk right along the canyon using the ‘rim trail;’ but if you have limited time, either drive around or use their shuttles (for free).grand-canyon-south-rim-detail-mapThe other one not to be missed is the Yavapai Point and Geology Museum. The museum tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the canyon – how they formed, the rock-layers, visual artifacts, samples of rocks, and a long glass providing a magnificent view of the canyon right in front of you. You can even see the Colorado river (that formed the canyon) about a mile away.

We drove around and stopped at many viewpoints that are shown in the map above (taken from Grand Canyon official website). You never know which one can give you a great view depending on the time of the day. mather pointyavapai pointWe were lucky to see some Elks and Deers too!wildlife-at-grand-canyonwildlife at grand canyonIf you go by the public opinion, other spots to definitely cover are Maricopa point, Powell point, and Hopi point. In fact, Hopi point is rated as the best for Sunset views, and I absolutely agree with it. I stood there in the chill of late-December to experience this sight!sunset-at-grand-canyonWe spent around 4 hours before heading to the hotel and enjoying the luxuries of that too. For me, another Sunrise awaited in the majestic lap of nature!

87 thoughts on “The Grandeur of The Grand Canyon

  1. Indeed…The Grand Canyon is looking so majestic Alok! Despite being so close to this world wonder, we could never make it though we have visited Las Vegas twice…either the weather was too hot or we had an expectant mother along with us! But I hope to see it with my naked eye one day. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

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  2. You made it to the Grand Canyon! Amazing stuff and those views are absolutely breathtaking. Wonderful landscape and beautiful sunset/sunrise (?) shot at the end. It is always wonderful to shoot the same location at different times of the day 🙂

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      1. I am assuming you took a lot more photos than the ones you showed in this blog post 😀 If I was there I would probably not been able to stop clicking the camera for a few minutes 🙂 Looking forward to the next post 🙂

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  3. I wish to visit the majestic Grand Canyon someday. Loved your tip to make shooting the sunrise/sunset so much easier. Will surely keep it in mind the next time I travel.

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  4. Absolutely brilliant capture on the grandness of canyon… indeed a nature wonder and good that u able to cover many viewpoints. Though the place looks hot how come Elks around snow?

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  5. Its a nice primer to the Grand canyon. There’s no doubt that Grand Canyon is magnificent and one of the best natural wonders around. I have been advised by many relatives who have been to Grand Canyon to opt for heli ride. But my idea is hiking among one of the popular hiking trails. I’m sure heli ride will have a different views but being a nature lover, I’ll opt for a hike. Opportunity for catching sunrise is quite tempting. I never miss one during vacations. Enjoyed reading this write up, Alok. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Yes, there are good hiking tracks there…we saw one that was paved well for everybody and goes about a mile down.

      You can also kayak in the river below…we did see some doing that via telescope. Guide told us they would be staying down there for a week!

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  6. I guess if the weather is kind to you in December, it is the best time to visit the Grand Canyon. There won’t be too many sightseers around to disturb the solitude and wild life that you were able to photograph. Great gallery of pictures!

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  7. I have visited Grand Canyon twice before. Never did the sky walk, though, I wanted to do that. As you mentioned it is expensive. Lovely captures, of course, but then that isn’t a wonder now, is it? 😊

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  8. It is really grand, having seen (Pictures off course) and read about this place quite often. Now it’s matter of time that we make a visit to this place. Wonderful pictures especially the last one.

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  9. I’ve read and heard so much about the Grand Canyons, but I suppose no amount of knowledge about them or photographs on google, can come even close to seeing them with one’s own eyes. I can imagine your actual joy in every adjective that you’ve used for them. Very nice post, nice pictures and good descriptions. Your post really made me happy. Have a great day!

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  10. Is that the pic of an Elk? I haven’t seen one. Have read about them. So when you said deers & elks, I was curious 😀 You really are the Sunrise/Sunset person right? One day you could make an album of sunrise/set from different parts of the world 😀

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  11. Oh wow!! How grand!!
    I haven’t been there yet. And I am desperate to go see it. We are making plans again. I hope they work this time. 🙂

    Lovely seeing it through your lens, Alok. When I’m doing my homework, I’m definitely coming back here for another read.

    Thank you.

    Awesome pictures!

    Have a great week.

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  12. Oh the grandness of the Grand Canyon! Can never forget the feeling of overlooking the deep cuts made by that seemingly vanishing river at Mather Point. Your post brought back some crazy amazing memories Alok Ji 😀
    We didnt get to see elks though.


  13. I never read about it . I stood there in the chill of late-December to experience this sight! these words shows your enthusiasm for a view and pic.


  14. Always always wanted to visit USA just for the Grand Canyon. Not kidding. Ever since I studied it in geography 🙂 the pictures are simply stellar! Love the elks too. I agree that it’s more on the experience than driving. I have a thing for sunrises n sunsets too! So totally relate to that point:) fabulous post Alok.

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  15. That’s really grand and beautiful, I had an opportunity to travel to Las Vegas but could not make it to Grand Canyon, I still repent it but your wonderful post with images got me to the virtual reality.


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