Another day at the majestic Grand Canyon…

I must have dreamt about it innumerable times. But the dream of witnessing a Sunrise at the Grand Canyon became real the very next day I saw a spectacular Sunset there.

Since we were staying very close to the entrance of the South rim, it just took me about 15 minutes to drive through the curvy roads of the Grand Canyon (GC) and park at the Maricopa point in the week hours. The point is on a projection just off the main road of the GC.maricopa point grand canyonsunrise at grand canyonAs the Sun started peeking through the canyon mountains, I could hear a few voices in the distance. The tourists at the other viewpoints were in joy as we all welcomed another beautiful day!best views of grand canyonphotography at grand canyon.jpgI must have spent not more than an hour as it was quite chilly that time of the day, but I was amazed to see another wonder of nature. It is not often that I get to be at the best of attractions!

After going back to the hotel, I picked up Saru, checked-out, and we were again at the Visitor center to cover the Desert View scenic drive of GC – about a 25-mile (40-kilometer) stretch towards the east of GC that culminates in the Desert View Watchtower (see below map taken from official site of GC).desert-view-map-grand canyon

I would highly recommend the drive as there are many amazing spots that give you unique views of the GC – Moran point, Lipan, and Navajo being the prominent ones.desert view watchtower

However, the most important structure on the east end of the drive is the Desert View Watchtower. It is a 4-story and 70-foot-high stone structure that was designed by American architect Mary Colter and was completed in 1932. It is now a historic landmark.

There is an enclosed observation level at the upper level, which provides majestic views of the canyon on all the sides through large glass windows. The highlight of the tower though is the bold murals by Fed Kabotie, and other petroglyph-style decorations by Fred Greer – which may be the only surviving representations of the now-destroyed rock art paintings in Abe, New Mexico.watchtower murals grand canyonbest of grand canyonIt was about 4 pm by the time we were done seeing everything and I was keen on seeing another Sunset the GC, but we finally decided to call it a day and head to Page in Arizona, which was about 2 hours from the watchtower and the place of out next attraction – The Antelope Canyons!

71 thoughts on “Another day at the majestic Grand Canyon…

  1. Those are beautiful pictures Alok! My favorite is the fourth one with the orange glow on the canyon. Great patience to watch sunrise in chilly weather!! Love those murals too, it seems you had a wonderful trip. Stay blessed!

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  2. Lovely pictures Alok. I’m happy to see the fourth picture in which golden-red sun rays illuminate some section of the canyon. Out here, I enjoy clicking pictures in winters when these golden sun ray casts their spell on the subject. They lasts for not more than few minutes but their magic creates stunning pictures.

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  3. Wow! What a view. The second picture is my favorite, love the touch of gold and the silhouettes of the trees.
    Your patience to get the best shots shows in every picture 👍

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  4. Sunset and sunrise at Grand Canyon?! That is so cool. It must have been a breathtaking view. I can see it from the photographs itself but to actually experience it must be something totally different 🙂🙂 Love the pictures and yes, definitely jealous 😁😁

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  5. This looks like an amazing experience. The only time I’ve spent at the Grand Canyon was when I was visiting Phoenix and it was so hot I had to get out of there (Even the airports were closed because it was so hot and the air was not dense enough to get lift). But I felt like my visit was just cursory and I didn’t get to really get into the whole experience. But even a short visit revealed a pretty amazing place.

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    1. I can imagine it can get terribly hot there. I was in LA last year early April and it was scorching, we couldn’t even go out for sightseeing.

      Thanks for adding your experience.


  6. The best thing with road-trips is one can explore anything that fascinates him en-route. So good to see those pictures of the lesser known places. Sometimes we unleash the hidden gems around. Loved the pictures 🙂

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  7. I can imagine a sunrise or sunset in this lovely setting. Had an opportunity to visit once but did not experience the warm glow from the rise or set of the sun. There is always a next time, isn’t it ?

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  8. Sunrise at Grand Canyon – cant forget the sights ever!!! I missed out on the watch tower but I got to witness the sunset and a quiet starry evening at Moran’s Point and it was beautiful!
    Waiting for your Antelope Canyon post 😀

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  9. I know, you’ll make me visit it one day. 🙂 Just by looking at your pictures, I can make a list of places to visit there.

    Loved the murals. Any idea how old they are?
    And how easy or difficult it is if somebody wants to spend a night or two in Grand Canyon?

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    1. The watchtower itself is about 85 years old, so murals are about the same age.

      You can camp down by the Colorado river…I guess weather would play a major role in that. It should not be that difficult if you are adventurous.
      Otherwise, hotels are not far ☺️


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