The early morning Nature’s Charisma…

Our first day in New Hampshire (NH) last fall started with me visiting Echo Lake in the wee hours. A small water body in the Echo Lake State Park in North Conway, the lake is situated at the foot of the Cathedral Ledge, which is known for rock climbing in the White Mountains area.

As I drove up the elevation to reach one of the rock ledges (the other being While Horse Ledge) with scenic views, I was feeling lonely as it was too dark. But, soon, there was a car to accompany me, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Once at the top, I realized I was in the company of young lady photographer. It hadn’t been too long and a few more people joined us to witness sunrise over the mountains in the distance. I could also see the Echo Lake on my right.

cathedral ledge new hampshire

As the Sun started showing up, the scenery was enchanting. And the falls colors added to the magnificent beauty!

echo lake state parkcathedral heights new hampshire

Just after Sunrise, I drove down to the lake, which is flanked by hills. I have been lucky in the past with some lakes giving me the time of a lifetime, so I don’t miss any opportunity now!


Guess what? This time I had another unique experience. I saw mist taking off of water and creating a spectacular view – it was a first for me! I was in the company of another photographer, this time a male who said he spent the entire night there stargazing. Being a small lake, I could cover it from one end to another in just about 5 minutes. I simply can’t express my feelings in words, so would let a couple of shots do the talking…

morning at echo lakeecho lake new hampshire

I spent a couple of hours in total and about 8 am I was on my way back to the hotel 15 minutes away, and another journey awaited us – to the Lakes Regions of NH, where we had been 2 years back also!

55 thoughts on “The early morning Nature’s Charisma…

  1. Alok you have beautifully captured the mist rolling off the lake. Love the reflection in clear water and my – the fall colors !


  2. Amazing sunset and so lucky the mist popped up as you were passing 😊 What a lucky couple of hours and these are really some views. I take that rock climbing there was not something that tickled your fancy 😊 For me, car all the way too to see all the great views 😊


  3. Fabulous pics Alok. I am sure you would have loved your solitude here in nature’s company. Stargazing!!! WOW that guy must have throughly enjoyed it. Love the colours: green, red , brown.
    Mist over water. I actually imagined it. SO dreamy!


  4. Wow! I read the whole narrative but those last two pics stole the whole show, Alok. Such a fabulous sight to witness. If you rotate the last two pics clockwise-anticlockwise, one will look like a bottle and other will look like a hand gesture to greet people, something like “Namaste”. Did you observe them?


  5. So, so beautiful — the landscape and what the soft morning light does to it. Awesome reflections shots, Alok.
    And the pictures of mist lifting off the lake are absolute treasures. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The last two images are so serene! Amazing clicks!!! It was like nature was treating you with colours, beauty and love when all you wished for was its peaceful company 🙂


  7. Great shots especially the last one! Mornings are beautiful; I have realised as I have finally developed the habit of getting up early (without any alarm), however there’s no such beauties to witness.
    It saves a lot of time though.


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