The Lakes Region of New Hampshire, once again!

We have been to the Lakes Region in New Hampshire a couple of years back. I was so amazed at the natural beauty there that I always wanted to go back in the fall. So, right after I came back from the Echo Lake in North Conway (see the last post on travel), I and Saru headed to the largest lake in the state – Lake Winnipesaukee!

Our first stop was Meredith Marina, about one-and-a-half hours away from the hotel. We have fond memories of the Marina, as it is one of the cutest places we’ve been to. In fact, I am feeling nostalgic as I am writing about it. Look closely at the sight below and see why it could be anybody’s favorite place!

The Bay Point hotel in the view provides unparalleled lake views, and one can witness sunrises and sunsets from most rooms. I captured the reflection of the structure in the lake both times (check the link above for similar shot from the previous trip) and it provided for a postcard-type setting.meredith marinaThere are many towns around the lake and we explored quite a few of them that day. However, we were not speechless this time around…maybe we had high expectations because last time we had a bit of mist in some of the views.

In the afternoon, we came across this spot a bit off the road. Though there were some trails there which few of tourists were enjoying, I just got satisfied with the reflections 🙂lake winnipesaukeeAnother highlight of the day was this shot from Ellacoya State Park. If you compare it to the similar shot from the earlier post, you would realize both were taken from exactly the same spot…just that the mist over the mountains was missing this time.rv park in new hampshireIt was a relaxing day for us (and intentionally so) as we sat beside the lake in many small towns…each had its own beauty hampshire vacationWe were back at the hotel well before dusk and looked forward to an adventurous day up ahead.

*There was no fees at any of the places…one might have to pay negligible parking fees though.

75 thoughts on “The Lakes Region of New Hampshire, once again!

  1. Perfect pics to send as postcards with season greetings. A bright and sunny day is always preferrable for capturing the real beauty of any place and it’s so visible in these pictures. Lovely write-up as always.

    Also, don’t u think that’s a tough name for a lake to pronounce. Like seriously very tough 😛

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  2. I am always amazed as to how you can visit quite a few places and towns in a day. These shots are marvelous, the sky turning on beautiful weather and hills and leaves and trees just shining their beauty in your face. It is always a nice feeling taking the same photo in the same spot during a different season – if you use your imagination, you will feel every bit the time traveler 🙂

    It sounds like you are a morning person too and always eager to wake up before dawn to start your day and then coming home when the sun sets. Well planned 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Mabel.

      Yes, I am very much a morning person, normally getting up much before dawn. I feel one sees the best of nature either early morning or during twilight; during the day the sun eclipses few magnificent characteristics of its beauty.


  3. Breathtaking scenery and those majestic blues of the lake and the sky made me sigh. Oh my!
    The name of the lake, Winnipesaukee, is an usually tough one, to spell and pronounce.
    Love your travel posts, Alok👌

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