Wahweap Overlook and the Horseshoe Bend

One of the iconic attractions in Arizona is the Horseshoe Bend. It is a natural horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River. A part of the Glen Canyon Recreation Area, it is a few miles downstream to the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.

We had chosen to stay in Page after covering the Grand Canyon since Antelope Canyons (Lower and Upper) and Horseshoe bend lie within the city limits.

Being an early riser, I chose to start my morning by driving to the Wahweap Overlook, a vantage point to see the sunrise over Lake Powell. I must mention some mornings provide for a gorgeous view there…and smoke billowing from the factory far off added to the beauty that day!wahweap overlooksunrise at waheap pageI must have spent a quiet hour or so before heading to the Horseshoe, which was just about a 10-minute drive (on the other side of the hotel).

The bend itself is about 1.5 miles round trip from the car parking. There is no other way than to walk, though it is not strenuous!sunrise at horseshoe bendI went to the bend a couple of times and once with Saru during our 2-day stay in Page. The first time I saw the bend, I could only wonder how the force of nature created the bend over millions of years…the same force of the Colorado river that created the majestic Grand Canyon too!

Here’s the best what I could capture across days. The 2nd day provided for much better shots, even the Sunrise-view was spectacular – see the golden stream in the distance in 2nd image below.horse shoebend arizonawhat to see in usaLuckily, a lady gave me a nice click early morning…she had her arms up and looked as if thanking God! Btw, I used this shot for a paid promotion by an International Client on my Instagram account 🙂beauty of horseshow page az

*There is no fees for either the Overlook or the Horseshoe bend!

71 thoughts on “Wahweap Overlook and the Horseshoe Bend

  1. Simply stunning, Alok! That sunrise looked like such a treat with that amazing cloud cover 🙂 Such wonderful, sharp photos of the Horseshoe. These are the kinds of views that take your breath away….the kind of views that make you stop and stare. Lucky you got to go twice 🙂


  2. The Horseshoe bend is one of the most photographed places in world. I know pictures can’t be compared to the real experience and I so want to visit this place in person, someday. Lovely pics, as always. 😊

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  3. Alok, I am so mesmerized with this horseshoe bend. Hats off to nature. Missed it when I was visiting Grand Canyon. Great photography too ☺️

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  4. LOVE the last pic. I loved each, but the last one is just simply fabulous. Being a morning riser always helps. You get the best , crowd free shots:) The place looks so magnificent. You make me long to visit USA( a country I was never keen to visit :p)

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    1. US has too much to see. If you have limited time, make a list of the preferred attractions.

      I’ve been here for long, so have covered most of the the important spots.

      Thanks for adding, Divsi.


  5. Indeed, we can only wonder how the forces of nature have created such stunning places. I’m also a great nature lover and I drove to a similar place last year -Garadia Mahadev. Located on river Chambal, its a horse shoe bend. The views were amazing but the drop was not as magnificent as the one you visited.

    In my personal opinion, getting up early to visit such places has so many benefits. One, you can be sure that there won’t be any crowd. You can enjoy the place to yourself. The pace and calm is just so wonderful. From photography perspective, the soft morning light is superb and perfect. Loved the last picture.

    Someday…for sure!

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    1. You’ve pretty much summed-up the noteworthy details. And good to know about the Garadia Mahadev in India.

      Horseshoe is one place which was on my radar for long…i am happy i finally got to see it.


  6. Amazing pictures, Alok! You have really captured the majestic beauty of this wonderful place. The smoke from the factory also looks exceptionally beautiful through your camera and as seen with your eye. Wonderful! And yes, I too believe that lady was thanking the gods for this marvelous beauty all around her.

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  7. It makes me really sad that I did not have enough time to go to the Horseshoe Bend on my trip to Grand Canyon last year! But your pictures are stunning and make me want to start planning another trip straight away 🙂

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  8. I fell in love with Horseshoe bend! And this place gave me some amazing memories 😀 Such amazing pictures of the Wahweap Overlook! We had to miss out on Wahweap Overlook since it had started pouring, there was snowfall predicted for the night and we had to go all the way to Grand Canyon after that. 😦

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    1. Happy to know about your experience. It was clear both the days we were there. But i guess snow would have provided for some gorgeous views, too.

      Did you cover Monument Valley?


      1. No. 😦 We had a short 3 day trip – Vegas-Page-Grand Canyon. Couldn’t do Hoover either due to the winter storm.

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  9. Stunning photos, Alok! I agree that the billowing smoke in the distance is certainly a unique feature of that particular landscape. It’s great that you even got to use a photo for an Instagram promotion ~ Bonus! 🙂

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  10. I have never been to this place. Alok your nice posts and awesome clicks always encourage me to go and see these places.
    You make some plans to come to Calgary, Canada, it is a beautiful place with lots of lakes and natural beauty.


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