Photo shoot at the base of Mount Washington

Mount Washington (highest peak in the Northeastern United States) enthralled me the first time we were there a couple of years back. So, I always wanted to go back and enjoy its unparalleled beauty once again…and autumn provides for a perfect time to witness the stunning landscapes the region offers.

But before I write about our 2nd excursion to its summit, let me give a glimpse of how gorgeous the base looked. We were on our way from the hotel in North Conway to the base of the hampshire fall colorsI must specifically mention I have never seen such a picture-perfect scenery anywhere else (yet). The multi-colored trees, white and blue skies, mist atop the mountains playing hide-and-seek, the river stream below – all take our breath away!

We just parked our car (free parking) in a large open lot and enjoyed for about an hour before buying our tickets to head up to the summit.base of mount washingtonmount washington nhfall in new england regionHere’s the entrance to the summit just a few feet away. The road to the summit is formally called Mount Washington Auto of new hampshireYou might feel like you have seen the best nature has to offer by just being there, but imagine seeing all this from the elevation – I will cover that in my next post on New Hampshire.


  • We had to pay $29 for the car and myself and $9 for the wife as fees ($7 for kids of 5-12 yrs of age) to drive to the summit.
  • If you are traveling in winters, chances are the road might be closed because of weather. I suggest visiting their site for current information.
  • One can also take the Cog Train to have a different experience. Though we didn’t take it, I will show how the train looks in my next post. Details on the same can be found here.

45 thoughts on “Photo shoot at the base of Mount Washington

  1. Beautiful fall colors. The most amazing fall colors I have ever seen and seemed like mother nature took her paintbrush and continued to paint with fire for many miles in Dorval, Quebec, Canada. Now that is a spectacular fall scene although your pictures here are really nice as well.


  2. Majestic shades of nature in full glory!
    Love the picture perfect shots but can’t take my mind off that fiery red tree in the penultimate shot.
    So glad you guys chose to revisit this beautiful place and I can’t wait to see the shots you’ve taken from the elevation in your next post.

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  3. I am in awe of this place just be seeing its beauty thru your pictures, Alok. I don’t think in India we have any place like this where we can find such varied nature colors. Not sure as I haven’t traveled across the length and breadth of India. But this place is looking like from some other world. Thanks for unleashing this place to us. 🙂

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  4. Since childhood, there are two things that enthralled me about The US. The Snow and the colorful trees. I know they are found in other places too. But as a child, I knew only The US & India 😛 Your pictures, specially of the trees, remind me of my childhood dreams. The first pic is a treasure! The river stream interspersed with rocks look miraculous right there, at the right place. Totally in love ❤

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    1. I would have been mesmerized too if i had just seen these pictures. Such places are nothing short of a heaven.

      You should make a trip to the US during fall…a lifetime event that would be!


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