Drive to the top of Mount Washington

Even though I’ve been to the highest peak of North-Eastern United States a couple of times, I can’t put down my feelings in words. Just the thrill of driving through the curvy and (mostly) narrow roads is enough, and imagine adding nature’s beauty alongside it! Well, such was our experience this time, primarily because we were there during the peak of color change.

After buying the tickets at the base, we were on our way to drive about 8 miles to the summit through the Mt Washington Auto Road. There are designated stops every once in a while where one can park the car (stopping is recommended though as it lets the engine cool off) and just get lost in the beauty!

I hardly miss the changes in scenery; else, I wouldn’t have enjoyed these stunning landscapes!alpine beauty in mountainsbest nature colorsThe place is famous for skiing during the winter time, and one can see those paths in the distance from the top. Well, October is actually the time when snowfall starts for the season, so make sure the road is open before you even head to the area. It is better to check their website for daily updates during or around the winter views in new hampshireThe summit is nothing short of being at the top of the world literally – the entire White Mountains area of New Hampshire is visible right below us. There are trails too at the peak…actually, one can hike also all the way to the top from the base – yes, some are that crazy!

There are a couple of structures at the top proving history of the place, and also on early visitors. There is a shop too where you can buy souvenirs. We always purchase at least one at the places we visit. If we were to put all the magnets we have on the fridge, I guess we would run out of space already 🙂

Enjoy yourself to the fresh air of ever gorgeous landscapes. If you feel tired, there is a cafe shop too, with enough to fill the stomach (paid, of course – not pricey though!).mount washingtonAs mentioned in the previous post, you can plan to take cog railway also to the top (instead of your car). It can be taken one or both ways, though we never experienced it. Here’s how it looks though – a toy train from the far off!cog railway nhnew hampshire trainYou would need a couple of hours at least to spend a decent time there and explore the summit. We must have spent about 3 hours before starting the downward journey. Needless to say, I stopped at many places, again! There was not much traffic on the roads, giving me enough time for my clicks and experiments.beautiful fall drivesfall color photographyThere is nothing compared to the beauty of the fall, it is as if the entire world around us has been painted in different shades of magnificent colors!

36 thoughts on “Drive to the top of Mount Washington

  1. I agree with you Alok…words can never express certain emotions and feelings. I have seen the mountains and the hills, the oceans and rivers in their various moods but I have to agree with you, Fall is the most captivating of all…always lending beautiful hues to the surroundings. Thanks for sharing lovely pics.

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  2. The colours of nature!! ❤ You are truly blessed to not just witness it, but identify it and appreciate it:) Love the snaps! Especially the one with orange hues of leaves and the road! 🙂 Just too mesmerising!


  3. The view from the top is as magnificent (perhaps even more) as was from its base. It’s a treat to savor these spectacular shades of nature through your amazing photography. The blues and hues are just as refreshing as the shades of fall in the last two pictures.


  4. Lovely place and great scenery especially during the fall. My personal favourite is the last picture. Love this postal perspective.


  5. I could gaze at the autumn leaves forever,i remember when i was young there used to be a wallpaper in windows,resembles your last picture and i always thought where this place is and i would like to go there someday,and Alok you have effortlessly and beautifully described the scenery.

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      1. Ofcourse, i will make a trip there,and i will do a victory dance whenever i reach there.
        Even if thats the only trip i will make in a lifetime,this place will be worth of that one trip.

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  6. Beautiful, beautiful images from above and around. Well timed with the fall colors too. Haha, it sounds like you love driving the twisting and narrow paths. You must be a great outdoor driver 😁

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  7. Mesmerizing! A fantastic way to spend time with nature …… The toy train ride would be fun too I am sure 🙂 The fall is undoubtedly vibrantly colourful …..Thanks for sharing your experience!


  8. Such a gorgeous ride through the merry land of nature. The fall colors are absolutely spectacular! You took us to there through your accompanying commentary. That toy train looks so pretty too!

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