Following the multi-cultural dream!

We have moved to Canada!

I would have hit H1B limit in the US end of this month and I declined Green Card request from my company 2 years back…and I have no regrets whatsoever!

More often than not, my decision to move on was met with shock to extreme disbelief with whoever I’ve shared the news. I was asked why on earth I don’t want to settle down in the US. Even otherwise, I could have applied for and taken the Green Card (GC) and then left. Well, I was never intent on doing so…and I don’t do anything unless I am comfortable with it!

I can imagine why people behaved the way they did. Let’s take the Indians in the US as an example – most of them dislike India after they’ve spent some time in the US, so much so that some even start ‘hating’ the place they come from! An India-born lady I recently met in the US said, ‘I am happy Trump is adding restrictions on immigrants. Indians are trash and should be sent back!’ As much as I was sorry to hear that and had to bow down my head in shame, I couldn’t believe she can hardly speak a sentence in proper English, in spite of being in the US for over 15 years. If you ask me, she should be the first one to be sent packing!

For me, my love for my motherland never changed. It is natural to ask then, why did I spend 6 years in the US? A simple answer – to fulfill my financial obligations.

As much as I would like to head back to India, I still want to make myself financially stable and gain multi-cultural experiences. I tried very hard to find my next assignment in Europe for multiple reasons. And, for many months last year, Belfast in Ireland was looking like a good possibility. But things didn’t work out eventually and my current client never wanted me to leave either. All in all, Mississauga (close to Toronto) in Canada is where the discussions finally settled down on – not exactly the outcome I had hoped for, but such is life! So, here I am, publishing this post from Canada. The dream of going back to India someday is still there, though.

Btw, I had promised myself to visit Niagara Falls on the Canadian side the first weekend I am here – and I fulfilled that ambition. Here’a video of the world-famous HorseShoe Falls visible only from this side of the border.

More on my Niagara outing would come up across platforms in due course, but there is a lot to look forward to as we start exploring Canada now 🙂

Before I end, a request to my readers  – We all understand the craze to move to the West to pursue our ambitions is something hard to pass over. There is nothing wrong in settling down here too. But, don’t badmouth your own country. If for some reason you are ‘kicked-out’ of the US, it will only be your home country that will still be willing to welcome you with open arms!

95 thoughts on “Following the multi-cultural dream!

  1. I loved your sentiment and I still take pride that on my first visit to the US while in the Navy, I was offered a job by the company in NY , and I politely refused. Do not regret this decision to this day!!

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  2. I am sure you have taken the best decision for your future. Wish you the best for whichever side of the Niagara you stand by. I had the chance to stay in Punjab for a year. It is impossible to forget the fire Kanneda inspires in its locals. As for badmouthing your motherland, don’t we have people who kill their own parents? Ungrateful cretins, is all I can say for the lot.

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    1. Pretty good points you’ve made.
      There are too many Punjabis here, but that is good to see…they’ve set-up their own businesses and are contributing to the economy.

      Thanks for this great add!

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  3. ” So, here I am, publishing this post from Canada. The dream of going back to India someday is still there, though” – Love your love for our motherland. Wishing you a wonderful time in your new assignment and life!
    In a way, its the reader’s gain Alok as we can read your posts about a new place and experiences!.


  4. Very few Indians love their country and want to come back after leaving it. You are seriously a gem Sir. Most of the Indians want to forget their identity after leaving India and copy everything from the West to sound cool and sophisticated. And yes that Indian lady who said that Indians are trash has called herself a trash too. She is just another example of copycat culture who wants to discard their real identity which cannot happen.


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