Why MBA is Your Best Bet to a Lucrative Career?

Blog-images-MBA-min-1At some point in our lives, there is this big question that stares at us – what career to pursue? While some of us give it a due consideration much in advance, some are left wondering when the time to take a call dawns upon them. The result is falling prey to the family pressure, or even as flimsy as just going with what is hot in the market. Would you want to take that gamble in your life? Hopefully, not!

An MBA (Masters in Business Administration) can propel your career prospects and can even help you get into boardrooms at the higher stages of your career.

The questions that I dealt with when I was deciding on my future included:

  1. Why should you do MBA?
  2. Which B-schools to target and why?
  3. How to prepare for the Entrance Exams?

Being a critical aspect of our lives, we need to give it a due thought before finalizing on what would keep us happy all through.

The details around each of the above points have been shared on the Money View Blog here.

Please do share your thoughts.

23 thoughts on “Why MBA is Your Best Bet to a Lucrative Career?

  1. There was a time I wanted to do an MBA but chucked it out. It’s always good to have that extra edge to make it for education matters but, somehow, feel things can be over the top in today’s world where economic crisis is looming above our head.

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  2. I’ve wondered about doing an MBA after my degree. I ended up doing a Master of Arts, but still have thought about a MBA. It’s a practical degree to have and applicable in so many fields. Maybe one day when the time is right.

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  3. Indeed, MBA still continues to be a popular choice. I feel MBA course builds dynamism to the personality. Although, there are all kinds of colleges and University imparting this course but getting one from a good institute really helps.


  4. MBA course really works and better career option to earn money but I could not understand why Engineering graduates go for MBA and then for Bank job ?

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  5. At least it seems so, Alok! Everyone and I mean, EVERYONE is doing MBA! Wonder if we have enough crops and food, natural resources and infrastructure to sustain and feed the Business mansgers !…And, if someone is interested in that aspect except a handful of NGOs.

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  6. After my undergraduate degree and later an MSc, it took me 10 years to finally do an MBA. Most cliches (good and bad) are true. In this regard, it’s true -for the most part -an MBA would get you closer to a higher paying role and gives you (in general) an easier transition to other regions and job opportunities.

    For those interested I’ve shared some of my MBA experiences in my blog. http://www.timomarquez.com and looking forward to share thoughts.

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