The Valley of Rocks: Monument Valley

Just a couple of hours’ drive from Page, Arizona (the location of HorseShoe Bend and Antelope Canyons) lies the valley of rocks – the Monument Valley! It has a cluster of large Sandstone buttes (an isolated hill with steep sides and a flat top).

Though the tour of the valley was not in our original plan for Arizona/Utah, we decided on a quick trip from Page as we had one afternoon open. The drive itself is through the vast barren landscapes, but as one approaches the Valley at the border of the 2 states, the tourists begin to be seen.road to the monument valley utahThere is a general admission fees of $20 per vehicle and then you can just drive on the 14-mile graded dirt road that takes you through the major monuments – The Mittens, Three Sisters, John Ford’s Point, Totem Pole, Yel-Bichel, Ear of the Wind.

Here’s the John Ford’s Point, followed by the Three Sisters:john ford's point utahthree sisters monument valleyThere are many monuments there, difficult to capture in just a few hours. One can stop at the designated points though and enjoy the stunning views.snow in desertwhat to see in arizona utahIt had snowed a bit there earlier (who can imagine that in the so-called desert!), but it made our outing all the more exciting. This one is my personal favorite from the day (the colors are all natural):beautiful photography monument valleyThe below shot has Yel-Bicehl on the left and Totem Pole on the right, which has gone through extensive erosion over time!best of usa travelIt was about time for dusk, and that’s when I get super-active. The reason – most of my best shots have come either at dawn or when the sun was about to bid good-bye for the day!snow in arizona utahThe last shot of the day was that of the Mittens (left and middle one) and of the Merrick Butte (right foreground) – looks magical, isn’t it?night shots at monument valleyAfter about 4 hours, we left another of nature’s wonder, but not before collecting a souvenir from a large shop at the entrance.

63 thoughts on “The Valley of Rocks: Monument Valley

  1. It’s always amazing to explore places without any plans. Ain’t it? And the best thing with road trips is that, it gives you freedom to move around. Also, such places adds a great deal to a photographer’s delight. I too find sunset the best time to capture the hues.

    And I love that dry tree picture. I remember when you first posted it on twitter and, I was like this is a still shot from the ‘hills have eyes’ movie. Fab composition. 😊

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  2. Dear Mr. Singhal,
    Loved this post, especially the photos! I write for a couple of tourism-related websites in Page, AZ and would love to link to this post as we often suggest Monument Valley as a good day trip option from Page. If you’d rather we not, I understand completely.
    Best wishes to you for continued safe and happy travels!
    Alley Keosheyan
    Staff Writer/SEO Consultant

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  3. I also find the shadows of monuments interesting! This is absolutely an amazing formation of nature and you got wonderful views across the landscape and indeed snow adds precious touch.

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  4. Ever since I saw The Martian, I have been clamoring for a trip to Utah when I visit the US next! Your pictures look surreal – and I agree. People have zero imagination in naming places 😀

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    1. Not a plateau as such. These are isolated rock formations and are eroded remains of their Rocky Mountain ancestors, formed by sandstone deposits and geologic uplift and then shaped by wind and water.

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  5. Hello Alok
    I love the photos and the best part is your information shared about each photo. You give tourist great information on the cost, what can be done in a day and beautiful photos at different times of day. Thank you for going the extra step to help traveler’s. Have a great day.
    🙂 M

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  6. Stunning views! I’m so happy I found your blog – I really want to take a road trip across America one day so reading your posts just make me more excited!


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