A ‘snowy’ journey to Zion National Park

Our next destination after covering Lower and Upper Antelope Canyons and Monument Valley in Arizona/Utah was Zion National Park (NP). We had an overnight stay in Kanab (just an hour drive to Zion) with the Hampton Inn…we always try to reach close to our next destination the evening before so we are fully relaxed for the ‘sometimes’ hectic day ahead.

It was expected to snow overnight and even the next day for the most part. However, Zion was on the tight part of our schedule, so there was no leeway for us to work around the weather fury!

As expected, it snowed a bit late into the night. In the morning, as soon as we hit the road, we were met with heavy snow. I had to drive with caution but, luckily, had the road to myself. It essentially meant we stopped as we pleased…the views were stunning, to say the least!zion national parkWe had always considered the states of Arizona and Utah deserts but both had enough snow to pleasantly surprise us. We wouldn’t want a bit of magic while on vacation?antelope canyon to zionThe weather was supposed to clear-up once we reached Zion, so the excitement was building up too!mountains in utahJust before we were about to enter another unique wonder of nature that Zion is, a picture-perfect setting caught my attention, and I was sure to catch it 🙂attractions in utahZion has a terrific scenery to keep you in awe, and we sure witnessed it! As if snow was not enough, it also rained a bit in Zion while we were there, adding another aspect to our experience – you have to wait for another post for that 😀

54 thoughts on “A ‘snowy’ journey to Zion National Park

  1. Partial snow in your pictures add a different dimension as compared to the fully covered landscape. A bit of brown only adds to the magic. My personal pick is the second picture.

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  2. A beautiful trip, and how lucky you were to have such an incredible landscape to view…I’d love to see Zion, Arches or many of the Utah National Parks with the snow fall you have shown here. Truly a great series of shots.

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  3. Woah. Nobody would want to miss capturing and having fun in snow. And I’m glad you enojoyed the snowy journey thoroughly. Nice pics 😊

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  4. Ghosh! That last pic! It looks Christmasy to me and I don’t know why. I already imagined it all lit up with fairy lights and baubles. That snap triggers your imagination. 😀
    I did not know that it could rain and Snow at the same time. How might have that been? :O

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  5. मुझे पता है
    तुम उन नदियों से मिलने जाते हो,
    बहती हवाओं से…ढलती शाम से,
    तुम्हारी रोज़ बातें होती हैं,
    मुझे पता है
    परिंदों के साथ तुम्हारा उठना-बैठना है,
    मुझे पता है
    गिरती बर्फ तुम्हारा इंतज़ार करती है,
    तुम वही हो ना,
    जिस ख्वाब को मैंने
    उस झील की आँखों में देखा था!

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    1. Thank you, Divya.

      We are not so settled in here. Actually, Canada is quite expensive…anything you buy, you have to pay more compared to the US (no one would believe that unless you are here). So, we would not like to be here for long.


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