Why patience is a virtue in the Stock Markets?

Many of us are tempted to make quick bucks…how of it doesn’t matter! What if I told you there is a great way to make money (sometimes quickly) that too all legally? Well, Stock Market is your answer! I am not suggesting that is an easy way though! You have to have a decent knowledge of how the markets work.

My post for Money View here talks about the phenomenal run we are into and how the markets have made many rich in just a few years. It also talks about my personal wins, and some challenges, too. However, the main point is that I learned from my experiences and have been doing better every passing day! If you are into trading and have maintained discipline and had some patience, you would know what I am saying.

The times are still great and there is much more to be made in the Great Indian Story, as I would term it. Do let me know your thoughts after reading my insights shared on the MV Blog.

*Here’s a picture of me working for Morgan Stanley in New York…looks like a highly-paid wall street guy, no? Don’t ask my salary now 😦alok singhal

27 thoughts on “Why patience is a virtue in the Stock Markets?

  1. Stock market is a volatile environment. But play it wise you get returns, and good to hear you have some personal wins. You actually look very sharp and professional in that photo, clothes, pose and all 😊

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    1. I regularly write for MV (paid work, but genuine thoughts).

      Direct equity exposure would have provided you phenomenal returns in the last couple of years. Multiply your MF returns 2-3 times, at least.

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  2. Patience is a virtue in all walks of life and has to be cultivated with practice, with restraint and by balancing our emotions. Despite all the efforts, it is learnt slowly, with time and experience.
    If you want to learn patience, have children around you.They can give you some profound lessons! 🙂

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  3. You look dapper sitting there, Alok! …Oh my my! the travel blogger is an investment banker! Awesome!
    …and coming to your post I totally agree patience is certainly a virtue. I have waited it out the entire down cycle post 2008 and reaped stupendous gains on my mutual fund/stock investments. However, the infra story and realty story is yet to pick up. Though I was expecting this would be the first sector to see revival after change in guard post general elections. Seems there is still a lot of pain left in this sector.

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