Looking to relocate to Canada from the US? Think again!

Canada is a hot destination for many these days, courtesy easier (and quick) way to Permanent Residency (PR), free medical benefits and education, and charm of the West! With ever increasing immigration issues in the US and the dream of getting a Green Card (GC) a distant reality, many are thinking about relocating from the neighboring country too. If you are a qualified professional like me, it is even easier!usa vs canadaI moved to Canada from the US in May this year after exhausting my H1B there. I worked for the Financial clients in Boston, New York, and New Jersey during the 6 years that I was there. The move to Canada was not a preferred choice for me – I declined GC request from my firm 2 years back in the hope of moving close to India, with Europe being my preferred destination. In the end, it didn’t work out, and I was left with only one choice – continue with the same project in Toronto area. I had never imagined Canada would be so costly, else I wouldn’t have taken it up in the first place! You can’t blame me for not doing my homework either since the prices have shot up here very recently. Consider this – Canada Immigration is extending PR offer to more than 5,000 people every month, and most of them end up settling down in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Let’s get to the comparison of monthly prices which make up most of my budget (prices are rounded-off, and many vary daily):

Just so you know, the salary one gets when you move from the US to Canada is exactly the same, not with the exchange rate adjustment! So, if you were making 100K there, it would be 100K here, in spite of the current exchange rate of 1USD=1.22CADalok singhalDon’t be fooled by the free medical in Canada, which many speak of first. Unless you have to be in the hospital every other day, you won’t really be making good use of it! As for the education, you don’t pay for public schools in the US.

Just so you know, my in-hand salary in Canada is less even after not paying any monthly medical insurance…I would have loved to pay it and not pay extra on everything else! A part of the problem is also that Canada is far less developed compared to the US, which leads to far less competition among vendors, thus leading to higher prices on almost everything (and they won’t come down anytime soon)!

All in all, I am taking a hit of USD1,000 per month! What I am saving here, I could probably save in India also. Yes, the lifestyle is much better and the education is free here, but between the 2 countries, why not settle down in the US, which is better on most parameters?

As for me, I don’t want to settle down in either country…I still have a thing or a two for India. Let’s see.

*The apartment I have now is better than the one in the US, so that price is a bit more for the same standard of living.

**Image sourced from Google, stats are my own

45 thoughts on “Looking to relocate to Canada from the US? Think again!

    1. I live in Brampton actually, and my work place is Mississauga…so it can’t get better than this 🙁

      I agree on the safe part, but what is the use if you are not making much of money? I know people come here just because of PR, but then can you live with the guilt of lesser pay?

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  1. That is a good and sane advice for those who want to relocate…every place has its pros and cons. Even here some states are less expensive than others and there are upscale areas with exorbitant rents! Once one gets used to a particular place, it seems the best. You are blessed to be in that part of the planet, which most people crave for! Look at the positive aspects and be happy. 🙂 Count your blessings. 🙂

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  2. We have been considering – seriously considering – Canada as an option, given the increasing challenges of making a move to US. I will definitely be keeping this in mind before we take any decision – very informative post!

    I will be probably reaching out to you in a few months 🙂

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    1. Sure, not a problem. Better avoid Canada, unless you just care about settling down asap, and want to use their medical and education benefits!

      I would prefer US between the two.


  3. I have always heard that Canada is a good alternative to US because of high quality of life. I guess there always will be some pro and cons but I was surprised to hear that moving to Canada didn’t translate well for you. Let’s hope that things get better for you guys.

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      1. That’ something new which I have heard from you. May be because you have stayed in US so you can compare. Most of the people I know emigrated to Canada directly! I understand it is not easy with a tight squeeze!


    1. I have been speaking to my employer ever since they started my Canada Visa processing last year. But they won’t do anything…it is just business for them.

      The option is to move out at the very first good opportunity.

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  4. The bigger cities in India are also getting more and more expensive. But there are at least areas within those cities where the rent, real estate, etc. do not increase so drastically. There is one thing I found – If you can manage the transport & time, move to the outskirts. It saves a lot of money.

    Destination Infinity

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  5. Informative inputs, Alok. I have a few of my school mates in Canada and they have been pressing me to relocate but I am just not inclined to move out of India. My second son, who is a marine engineer on board with Maersk Lines, is planning to move early next year to UBC, Vancouver BC for his Masters in marine engineering and naval architecture. I will brief him based on your info about intentions he may have about a Canadian residency. As far as you are concerned, you are now in a safe and friendly country from where you can evaluate further options. Best wishes…

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  6. Is it so????
    Tell you something…till last year we were all set for Canada…in fact we did all those assessments and all… IELTS…etc…And right then the govt opportunity knocked in…and we chose Home.😊

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  7. Wonderful analysis! I would be honest, I have thought about this as well, especially due to health and medical facilities. Also, because of the never ending immigration issue with the US. But after this analysis, I would seriously re-think.

    P.S. bookmarking your link 🙂

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    1. Yes, better to stay in the US. Otherwise, you would keep on comparing every time you spend a penny here – it is too difficult to earn less and spend more, especially when you are just across the border!


  8. It sounds like a challenging situation you are in, and it’s interesting reading some of the suggestions to work around your situation. Canada does have a good quality life, with its abundant of nature and greenery around. But I have to agree with you – taking a hit to the wallet can be very challenging sometimes as that is what it takes to move forwards. Good to hear your apartment is comfortable. Maybe it will offer you a good space to think things through. Good luck and best wishes 🙂

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    1. What is the point in living far off from your motherland unless you get some serious benefits, and money is one of them. Let’s see where life goes…I don’t want to be here for too long though.


  9. A good comparison between the two countries. Though there are some negatives in Canada, I guess the free schooling part is a big plus.

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  10. Good learning on the lifestyle differences between the bordering countries. Looks settling in Canada is easier but costlier living! I heard many Tamil people form Sri Lanka settled in Canada when there was inland war.

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  11. An eye opener!! Canada is a highly sought after destination for those wanting to migrate…… Every place has its pro and cons and it differs from person to person….. I take it cons are more for you both.

    Wishing you both realize your dreams soon….. Be it for Europe or India….. Till then make a few changes and try to be happy. A happy state of mind may ease it out a bit….. 😁 ♥

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