Sell second-hand devices at first-hand prices on Cashify

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I’m obsessed with the latest technology. I change my iPhone every year! However, with every new launch comes the liability of getting rid of the old model. I’m unlike my father and father-in-law who passionately accumulate the old junk. They are alien to the concept of throwing away old or unused things. My father still owns the Beltek TV which was a luxury in the 80s. It’s antique now, though. I’m not like them. I trade-off or sell my gadgets as I’m not rich enough to donate iPhones.

My obsession perfectly captured by Sarualok saru singhal

Here’s the Beltek TV we have – Someday, I hope to sell it for a fortune 🙂alok beltek television

Last year when I upgraded to iPhone 7 plus, I thought of selling my older model 6 plus. The market value of that phone was about Rs 25,000. My device was in a perfect condition – no scratch, no software issue; even the USB charger, and headphones were in brand new condition.

With high hopes, I went to the store that specializes in selling second-hand gadgets. He, being the leader in the market, offered Rs 21,000. I was not-so-happy with the price, so I went on to explore the market in an attempt to get a better deal. And from there started a journey of hilarious excuses. Read the top-rated replies for justifying measly sum offered for an almost-new iPhone:

  • Sir, iPhone yahan koi nahi use karta, yahan to Lava, Nokia ya Samsung chalte hain. Aapko jaldi hai to hum le lenge.

And that day, Apple valuation dropped from a multi-billion dollar company to an unwanted brand!

  • Bhaiya iPhone ho ya Mercedes, ek baar showroom se nikal gayi to bas value khatam. Aap Singhal Sahab ke bete ho is liye Rs 15,200 le lo.

What! Singhal brand name is bigger than Apple in Ambala 😛

  • Phone hai – yes! Charger hai – yes (examines it in between). Headphones hain – yes! Box hai, bill hai – Haan bhai!

         Fir aap internet pe bech do!

Seems some are not confident Apple will sell in a city where every other person is aspiring to buy it!

  • Bhaiya hum sare phone le lete hain bus iPhone nahin – Kyun?

Repair nahi hoti yahan iss ki. Agar koi problem ho gayi baad mein to kya aap repair karwa denge?

From an iPhone user to a mechanic, he demoted me in a fraction of a second. After that, I felt like selling myself just to check my market value. Or, maybe, boost my morale!

A little frustrated but thoroughly entertained, I finally met a sensible shopper who lifted my spirits for a good 5-minutes.

  • ‘Yes sir, we will take your iPhone and give you the best deal.’ I was impressed with his English! After examining my phone and its various components, he offered a deal which can put an apple user in doubt. ‘I will take this phone and you can buy any phone from our shop at 50% off.’ And that was the end of my patience. Needless to say hopes, too. I gave up! It made more sense to give my iPhone to a family member than to sell it at a measly price. Later on, the first shopkeeper who offered me 21k refused as the price was valid for that moment. ‘Yahan to price daily change hote hain!’ was his reply.

Now that iPhone X is available, I’m not bothered about disposing of my old one. Why you ask? I’ve discovered a cool app that makes selling old gadgets easy. Cashify – a place where we can sell old devices in just 60-seconds. Submit all the relevant information, get the quote instantly, a representative would come to pick it at your place and will give you the quoted price in cash. Easy, right?

Not only selling phones, tabs, and laptops, we can also order a repair, get anti-theft protection, and refer a friend to earn 150 rupees. For readers of this blog, use code CLEANCASH to get 250 rupees extra next time you sell your device on Cashify. Don’t go through the troubles I faced or the guy in this video endured. Instead, use Cashify to #CleanUpCashOut your old devices.

To know more about the services offered by Cashify, head to

12 thoughts on “Sell second-hand devices at first-hand prices on Cashify

  1. Interesting post, Alok! I love that ‘singhal sahab ke bete hone waala discount’ 😂 that’s indeed some brand value. Also, when Saru admits that on FB that her husband loves Siri more than Saru than ur love for Apple is serious boss. SERIOUSLY SERIOUS! 😬 Loved the wit and presentation. 😊

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  2. Haha ha ha! I can understand this SO well!! Hilarious! Thanks for sharing 🙂 The best one was 50% off deal and what Saru says. 🙂 So sad the first offerer backed out but you should have grabbed that deal Alok.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t change my phone much and yet we have three unused phone in perfect shape. But can’t find any buyers. Maybe i will try the app. You experience is so amusing.😀😀

    Liked by 1 person

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