Las Vegas Strip: You won’t get tired of exploring it!

The last leg of our 2016 year-end tour to the West Coast was 3 days in the gorgeous Las Vegas.

We were staying in Bally’s (right in the middle of the world-famous Strip), so most of the hotels and casinos were within walking distance. I was so attracted to the fountains of Bellagio, which were just across the street, that I visited them quite a few times during our stay – don’t miss them!best of las vegasbelloagio fountainsfuntains in the nightLV has many theme-based resort hotels and casinos, and you can cover almost all of them just by walking. Based on where you are put up on the strip (and I strongly suggest staying where most of the action is), some might feel a bit further away (the length of the strip is 6.8 kilometers or 4.2 miles), so you can take a bus to reach them. There are a few free trams also, but they cover only certain hotels on the west side. Our rental car allowed us to explore with ease…we just had to take our car out once and park at the New York Hotel and Casino, that allowed us access to the furthest end of the strip on the south (Mandalay Bay casino). The North end leads to the Fremont Street, which is a spectacle in itself (we visited it one evening – we parked at the roadside paid slots)!

The entire strip looks quite scenic in the night when the multitude of lights show-off their elegance. However, each hotel has its own charm and should be visited both during the day and night. Some are worth multiple visits too depending on your interests. We spent a lot of time in The Venetian (has Gondola rides in the hotel, much like in Venice), Bellagio’s (stunning year-end celebrations and fountains outside are a sheer delight), and Caesars Palace (based on Roman architecture, and even has life-sized Gods in there). There is no fees to explore any of these hotels from inside, you might have to pay for individual attractions though (e.g. Gondola ride).

The Venetian: Visit to enjoy shopping arcade, gondola rides, food, and stunning venice-themed architecture.what to see in las vegasgondola venetian las vegasbest of lvbest hotel in las vegasCaesars Palace: Visit to enjoy tryst with the roman architecture, fall of atlantis show, and luxury shopping.caesars las vegas.jpgnew year in las vegascaesars palaceroman architecture las vegasThough we were in LV for 3 days, I would suggest keeping a week if you want to explore each resort thoroughly and indulge in some serious shopping too – you can spend as much as you want to as all the luxury brands are present there! Even if you just like long walks, your eyes won’t get tired of admiring the hotels from the outside – day or night!new york hotel las vegasbest hotel in las vegas nevadaluxor hotel and casinomgm grand las vegasthe mirage hoteldisney las vegasOne last thing we did in Las Vegas was to take the High Roller ride, currently the world’s tallest ferris wheel. More on that in the next post…

53 thoughts on “Las Vegas Strip: You won’t get tired of exploring it!

    1. You can cover considerable distance via boat in the hotel itself. The only problem is you can’t get on and off at your will (you have to pay at the starting point of boats, and it seems you can only get off at that point).


  1. Such amazing pictures. 🤗 Would love to go there someday. Till now, my only knowledge about Vegas is from movies and serials and I think of it as a place where everyone gets married. 😂😂

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  2. A great and practical guide to Vegas! I have realized that I’m not attracted much to man made structures like hotels and casinos. Having seen Venetian after hearing so much from friends and family, I came to this conclusion. Surely, these buildings are remarkable in their own way. I have been avoiding Dubai trip for this very reason. I will rather prefer to camp at 4000 meter somewhere in Himalayas. Well, each to his own.

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  3. Gorgeous pictures as always! The Bellagio fountains look super photogenic and I know why they were your favourite spot to click! 🙂 The Venetian is a great replica of the actual one. The ceilings look so Vatican like my gosh! 🙂

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  4. You are right entire strip looks quite scenic and your photographs are proving this. Awesome pictures. I am more attracted to historical monuments or natural places, too much city life is not my kind of thing 🙂

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  5. Why doesn’t Vegas look anything like in TV shows. Maybe because they are always inside the casinos. I love the first pic and the last pic. In the first one, is that water body inside a building? I don’t understand. It looks so magical. 😀

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