Our first cross-border road-trip!

We are just back from a 12-day trip across multiple states in Canada and United States. Though I would cover each place (with some jaw-dropping sights) we visited in detail, this post contains a brief of what we did!

Last year, we spent the Christmas in Las Vegas. This year, we spent the same in French-dominated Montreal, which has some amazing architectural marvels. The city is just about a 5-hour drive from our home, but it was snowing heavily the day we started (22nd Dec) and considering the upcoming long weekend that Canada had, the drive was anything but easy. But, as I mentioned earlier also, I love long drives, in any form 😛

It also snowed for a couple of days while we were there, but that couldn’t deter me from venturing out (it did frighten Saru, though – it was about -25 degree Celsius on all of those days!). I have already written a post on the magnificent 200-year-old Notre Dame Basilica that I visited on Christmas day. I drafted, edited, and published the post same night (as last year). Yay!

On 26th, we left Montreal and entered the US as a tourist in the state of New Hampshire (NH). The immigration was smooth and we felt quite nostalgic as we spent quite a long time in the US until mid last year. This was our 3rd time in NH and we absolutely love the place! We specifically wanted to visit the area of Bretton Woods where I captured this shot last year during fall.sunset-at-bretton-woodsEven though our stay in Franconia city was for only a day, I did make the most of my outing even though it was colder there as compared to Montreal. While Saru was fast asleep, I captured a pretty sunrise in the mountains covered with snow – NH is mostly about mountains, lakes, and picturesque landscapes! Later that day, we were lucky to witness another aspect of White Mountains and capture Sunset next to the Omni Mount Washington Resort (seen in the above shot).

On 28th, we started towards New Jersey, but not before buying my crazy love – iPhone X – from the tax-free state of NH. I am loving it! It took us about 7 hours to reach Jersey City (JC) and meet us my brother-in-law and his wife. We have some fond memories of that place as we used to visit them quite often when we lived close by.

Next few days were reserved for eating at our favorite joints – primarily, California Pizza Kitchen and Dosa Hut. We spent New Year’s Eve checking-out decorations in New York (NY). I was impressed with lighting at the Macy’s flagship store and the light-show at Saks Fifth Avenue. We also had dinner at the highly-rated Korean restaurant named Hangawi. Even though I do not like much of non-Indian stuff, I was thoroughly impressed with the restaurant ambiance and food.

You might know I worked next to Times Square (TS) for a couple of years when I was there, but I never saw the ball-drop on 31st midnight. Keeping up with the tradition, we couldn’t see it this time also (though the intent was there) 😀 There were long queues to get to TS and NY was super chilly! In fact, the entire stretch we covered is under a cyclone, and hence the snow, wind, and the resulting frigid temperatures!

We came back home in Canada on 2nd Jan after driving for about 11.5 hours from JC – we enjoy the journey also, with some quick stops and clicks. With over 2700 kilometers on the odometer (I just drove long on 3 days out of 12), it is the longest road-trip we’ve had. But it was all worth it!alok singhal canada united states

48 thoughts on “Our first cross-border road-trip!

  1. What an amazing road trip Alok. I’m used to travelling long distances in Australia though I must admit I’ve never been to this part of the world and it looks absolutely beautiful. Happy new year to you. Hope you have a fantastic 2018.


  2. This looked like every bit of a long road trip indeed, but sounded like you saw so many magnificent sights along the way. Sometimes long drives are best – relaxing and as you drive, you stop and take in the views around you. Short trips are always worth looking into when you want to see different attractions…and of course eat as much as you want. Sounded like you had great food too 😀 I hope you are enjoying the iPhone X 🙂 Happy New Year, Alok. Wishing you all the best this year.


  3. Nice to hear about your road trip Alok…your adventurous spirit is peeping through your words and depicts all the happiness! Thanks for sharing your journey…looking forward to more pictures, some of which you have shared are undoubtedly breathtaking. 🙂


  4. I enjoyed reading this post because I also love road trips. Road trip for me is about being able to do things on your own..at your own pace. Although driving for straight twelve hours is tiring but the excitement of trip does its magic. Wishing you both a happy new year. Your Niagara pictures were stunning.

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  5. It seems you had an awesome time driving and also travelling through such beautiful places. I can feel the chill reading your post 😀 But I feel every season has its own charm and so do the super chilly winters and the thick snow. The picture is stunning, admiring the photo I kept looking at it for a long… would like to see more of your pictures 🙂


  6. While the entire post is very good I couldn’t stop admiring the pics. They are amazing. I always thought my husband’s S8 pics were better than my iPhone 7. But I guess I need to explore my phone now. Thanks for sharing👍🏻

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  7. I too love long drives and mostly travel about 500 km to have vacation on mountains, taking 8-10 hr rides. I can’t even imagine getting out at that lower temperature… but u r dare enough to travel throughout! Breathtaking shot


    1. Thank you!

      The restaurant is Korean and Vegan. They ask you to take off your shoes; sitting arrangement is such that you can sit on cushions on the floor or hang the legs as if sitting on a chair; the wooden floors are heated and comfortable during winters (quite enjoyable to bare feet).

      Food is great, lot of variety, and great presentation.
      I liked bamboo rice and pancake platter.

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  8. You were in US earlier , so have you shifted to Canada now ? Great , now we can hope that you will produce much post from Canada . I would like and appreciate if you can write detailed post about their daily life of Canada natives , specially from the rural part . The only pictures of this post is really brilliant and a sign of a great series of beautiful pictures !!

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    1. I moved in May last year, buddy. I haven’t explored much in Canada yet…there is not much close to where I live.

      I have written a post posts already, though…you can check them out under Travel Journal menu.


  9. Driving in USA is like a dream. Road trips are always fun with their stop overs. I can see that you took advantage of those too. Happy new year to you and may you have many more of those.

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    1. Thank you 🙂

      I am loving my iPhone X. I normally upgrade every year….I had 7plus so 8 wouldn’t have made any sense.
      Even for you (or anybody else), I would recommend X. It has more features compared to 8/8plus.

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