Sunrise over downtown Montreal

Keeping up with the tradition, I woke up early the second morning we were in Montreal. My plan was to head out to the location we had visited the first day – Mount Royal. It had been snowing on and off since the day we had arrived there – such issues never bother me, though! I got ready (which is what I always do), said my prayers, and about 6am was on my way out to get my car into action – it needed quite a bit of cleaning! I was able to hit the road about 6.20 and had to drive half-hour to reach the parking lot of the destination (the lookout requires a walk of about 10 minutes from there, as mentioned in the earlier post).

Even though I was quite early at the spot, I could see a streak of light in the distance. Being a clear sky, it must have 100’s of kilometers out! sunrise over downtown montrealI am always excited to see the first rays of sun from an elevation, and that day was no different. This in spite of the temperature being much below normal and the wind hitting my face because of the open area all around. No wonder, I was all alone thinking who else could be crazy to join me in such frigid conditions! But, as the sun was about to make its majestic appearance, few more folks joined me. The area is know for hiking, and I also saw a lady doing what looked like her morning run.capture sunrise sunset in montrealplaces to see sunrise in montrealI have been to locations where some people clapped in the anticipation of another blissful day. Here, a couple of couples got cozy…I would never have such a luxury (Saru is not a morning person). Anyway, I was glad I added one more place to my list of places I have explored that time of the day. Somehow, I have started to enjoy extreme temperatures – it makes me feel I am really vacationing 🙂

I was in the hotel by around 8.15 and we looked forward to exploring downtown on the only clear day we got lucky with during our time in Montreal.

*Mount Royal is one of the best (and highly rated) places I could find to view Sunrise over Montreal….don’t miss it even otherwise!

47 thoughts on “Sunrise over downtown Montreal

  1. I think, there is a warmth and life force in the first sunrays. It’s a bliss to watch sunrise, I miss it because I am still trying to be an early bird… Thanks for this virtual sunrise view, Alok 🙂 It’s beautiful!


  2. Another early start for you that looked like quite the experience, Alok. Brilliant sunrise and hard to tell it was actually cold. I prefer sundown with much warmer temperatures. I’m definitely not a morning person…but I can be convinced to wake up for a sunrise.

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  3. Sunrise and its play with the sky are my favourite times of the day too. Your dedication for early morning shots is inspiring. I can somehow never get myself to take pictures early morning, even when am we’d awake and active.

    Stunning shots!

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  4. I have been told that I have some problem that needs to be fixed because even during the holiday I wake up early to capture sunrise. I agree it is something that a “normal” person will never attempt. I remember when during my trip to Jaiselmer, I woke up an hour early and drove to Gadisar when it was all dark. Dogs greeted me with their barks. Just before the light was about to break on the horizon, a foreigner couple walked in clicked few pictures and left. I’m not sure if it always safe but then nothing much has happened till now. well, coming back, amazing captures. The first one wins here. Sony, I suppose!

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    1. Yes, it sure is Sony 😊

      I can’t help getting up early…it’s a routine for me. And when I am already up on vacation, I feel the urge to go out and explore. I wouldn’t ever settle on just being in the hotel and doing social media.

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  5. How Wonderful to clap for another beautiful day! When we visited Del Mar, California, I got to experience this at sunset. The first night I thought it was just a one time occurrence, however, every night we had dinner out overlooking the ocean, the whole restaurant would pause at sunset and then clap when the sunset occurred. It was so inspiring to see such joy expressed at beautiful nature.


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